Emergence of multi-body interactions in a fermionic lattice clock
Turn it Up to 11 – The XUV Comb
Same Clock. New Perspective.
Imaging Optical Frequencies with 100 μHz Precision and 1.1 μm Resolution
The Energetic Adolescence of Carbon Dioxide

About the Ye Group

Jun YeOur group explores the frontier of light-matter interactions where novel atomic and molecular matterials are prepared in the quantum regime. We also control light fields that include both continuous waves and ulrashort pulses. Our experiments advance the fields of precision measurement, ultracold atoms and molecules, quantum metrology, as well as ultrafast science and quantum control. We are known for developing technologies in the areas of high-precision laser spectroscopy, atomic and molecular cooling and trapping, optical frequency metrology, quantum control, and ultrafast lasers. We apply these technologies for research in fundamental physics.
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Research Areas

Our group explores many facets of ultracold strontium (Sr), emphasizing precision measurement and quantum state engineering and manipulation of atomic states. The group has achieved exquisite technical control via precision stabilization of lasers and the realization of ultracold atoms in optical lattices. Early on, we focused on precision measurements of Sr electronic transitions, which occur at optical frequencies, to explore the possibility of developing an optical atomic clock. This intense research effort has... Read more
Since 1999 and 2000, there has been a remarkable convergence of the fields of ultrafast optics, opti cal frequency metrology, and precision laser spectroscopy — a convergence that our lab was privileged to help facilitate. A remarkable transformation took place in these fields as unprecedented advances occurred in the control of optical phases ranging from the ultrashort (femtoseconds) to laboratory time scales (seconds). Today, a single-frequency continuous optical field can achieve a phase coherence time... Read more
Molecules cooled to ultralow temperatures provide fundamental new insights to molecular interaction dynamics in the quantum regime. In recent years, researchers from various scientific disciplines such as atomic, optical, and condensed matter physics, physical chemistry, and quantum science have started working together to explore many emergent research topics related to cold molecules, including cold chemistry, strongly correlated quantum systems, novel quantum phases, and precision... Read more

Ye Group News

Jake Covey's thesis published as a Springer Thesis

Published: 09-06-2018 | Source: The Ye Group

Jun Ye awarded APS Ramsey Prize

Published: 10-23-2018 | Source: The Ye Group

Sara Campbell HHMI Fellow

Published: 09-12-2018 | Source: The Ye Group

Ye wins 2018 Rabi Award for research on optical lattice atomic clocks

Published: 02-22-2018 | Source: The Ye Group

Ye Elected to Chinese Academy of Sciences

Published: 12-13-2017 | Source: The Ye Group

Ye wins NIST Jacob Rabinow Applied Research Award

Published: 12-13-2017 | Source: The Ye Group