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Science Communications Office

The Scientific Communications Office supports both JILA's scientific mission and its outreach efforts. The office prepares research highlights and news stories for the JILA website and quarterly JILA Light & Matter newsletters, websites for JILA and the JILA Physics Frontier Center, as well as websites for scientists, specialty groups, and selected conferences. The office provides scientific writing & editing, web design & development, scientific illustration & animation, and graphic design. The office is also responsible for the posting of announcements on the JILA website calendar.

Scientific Writing & Editing

Scientific communications office staff work with young scientists and their advisors to prepare research highlights for the JILA website and the JILA Light & Matter quarterly publication. The goal is not only to share JILA science with the general public, but also to train young scientists to speak with the media. Our staff also prepares news items for the JILA website.

The scientific communications office assists scientists with the preparation of scientific manuscripts, including copyediting, editing for journal style, preparation of scientific illustrations and journal cover art, and coordination of the JILA Editorial Board (JERB) for NIST. 

Web Design & Development

The scientific communications office is responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of websites for JILA, JILA Members, the JILA Physics Frontier Center, and the Center for Theory of Quantum Matter. Additionally, we develop websites for JILA research groups, conferences, projects, and outreach efforts upon request.

Scientific Illustration & Animation

Scientific communications staff provides custom artwork for JILA scientists and scientific illustrations for web-based research highlights and the JILA Light & Matter publication. Our staff also produces 3D animations and videos to help make JILA science easier to understand. The staff also prepares cover art submissions to scientific journals at the request of JILA scientists.

Graphic Design

The scientific communications office offers excellent graphic design for projects related to JILA science. Such projects include the JILA Light & Matter (print and tablet versions), scientific posters, logo design, and web design. 

Communications Classes

The communications staff offers workshops on Scientific Writing and Posters and Presentations.


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