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O’Neill SM, Beckwith K, Begelman MC. Local simulations of instabilities in relativistic jets - I. Morphology and energetics of the current-driven instability. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 2012 ;422(2):1436-1452.
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O’Callahan BT, Jones AC, Park JHyung, Cobden DH, Atkin JM, Raschke MB. Inhomogeneity of the ultrafast insulator-to-metal transition dynamics of VO2. Nature Communications [Internet]. 2015 ;6:6849. Available from: http://www.nature.com/doifinder/10.1038/ncomms7849
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Oxenius J. Transfer Equation for a Two-Level Atom in a Scattering Atmosphere. (II).; 1964. (1.47 MB)
Oxenius J. Transfer Equation for a Two-Level Atom in a Scattering Atmosphere (I). Boulder: University of Colorado; 1964 pp. 1-32. (1.56 MB)
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