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Moreno A, Muramatsu A, Manmana SR. Ground-state phase diagram of the one-dimensional t-J model. Physical Review B. 2011 ;83:205113.
Adams CL, Weber JM. Photoelectron imaging spectroscopy of nitroethane anions. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 2011 ;134:244301.
Uys H, Biercuk M, VanDevender A, Ospelkaus C, Meiser D, Ozeri R, Bollinger JJ. Decoherence due to Elastic Rayleigh Scattering. Physical Review Letters. 2010 ;105.
Marcum JC, Weber JM. Microhydration of Nitromethane Anions from Both a Solute and Solvent Perspective. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 2010 ;114:8933 - 8938.
Marcum JC, Weber JM. Electronic photodissociation spectra and decay pathways of gas-phase IrBr[sub 6]2-]. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 2009 ;131:194309.
Avdeenkov AV. Heat capacity of a two-component superfluid Fermi gas. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics. 2004 ;37.
Chotia A, Neyenhuis B, Moses SA, Yan B, Covey JP, Foss-Feig M, Rey AM, Jin DS, Ye J. Long-Lived Dipolar Molecules and Feshbach Molecules in a 3D Optical Lattice. Physical Review Letters. 2012 ;108:080405.
Two-dimensional materials
Park K-D, Jiang T, Clark G, Xu X, Raschke MB. Radiative control of dark excitons at room temperature by nano-optical antenna-tip Purcell effect. Nature Nanotechnology [Internet]. 2018 ;13(1):59 - 64. Available from: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41565-017-0003-0