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Lemke ND, von Stecher J, Sherman J, Rey AM, Oates CW, Ludlow AD. p-Wave Cold Collisions in an Optical Lattice Clock. Physical Review Letters. 2011 ;107:103902.
Bishof MN, Lin Y, Swallows MD, Gorshkov AV, Ye J, Rey AM. Resolved Atomic Interaction Sidebands in an Optical Clock Transition. Physical Review Letters. 2011 ;106:250801.
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Hermele M, Gurarie V, Rey AM. Mott Insulators of Ultracold Fermionic Alkaline Earth Atoms: Underconstrained Magnetism and Chiral Spin Liquid. Physical Review Letters. 2009 ;103.
Hazzard KRA, Manmana SR, Foss-Feig M, Rey AM. Far-from-Equilibrium Quantum Magnetism with Ultracold Polar Molecules. Physical Review Letters. 2013 ;110:075301.
Reinhard A, Riou J-F, Zundel LA, Weiss DS, Li S, Rey AM, Hipolito R. Self-Trapping in an Array of Coupled 1D Bose Gases. Physical Review Letters. 2013 ;110:033001.
Hazzard KRA, Gurarie V, Hermele M, Rey AM. High-temperature properties of fermionic alkaline-earth-metal atoms in optical lattices. Physical Review A. 2012 ;85:041604.
He K, Satija II, Clark CW, Rey AM, Rigol M. Noise correlation scalings: Revisiting the quantum phase transition in incommensurate lattices with hard-core bosons. Physical Review A. 2012 ;85:013617.
Hazzard KRA, Gorshkov AV, Rey AM. Spectroscopy of dipolar fermions in layered two-dimensional and three-dimensional lattices. Physical Review A. 2011 ;84:033608.
Kuns KA, Rey AM, Gorshkov AV. d-wave superfluidity in optical lattices of ultracold polar molecules. Physical Review A. 2011 ;84:063639.
Foss-Feig M, Rey AM. Phase diagram of the bosonic Kondo-Hubbard model. Physical Review A. 2011 ;84:053619.
Manmana SR, Hazzard KRA, Chen G, Feiguin A, Rey AM. SU(N) magnetism in chains of ultracold alkaline-earth-metal atoms: Mott transitions and quantum correlations. Physical Review A. 2011 ;84:043601.
Foss-Feig M, Hermele M, Rey AM. Probing the Kondo lattice model with alkaline-earth-metal atoms. Physical Review A. 2010 ;81:051603.
Foss-Feig M, Daley AJ, Thompson JK, Rey AM. Steady-State Many-Body Entanglement of Hot Reactive Fermions. Physical Review Letters. 2012 ;109:230501.
Sensarma R, Pekker D, Rey AM, Lukin MD, Demler E. Relaxation of Fermionic Excitations in a Strongly Attractive Fermi Gas in an Optical Lattice. Physical Review Letters. 2011 ;107:145303.
Gorshkov AV, Manmana SR, Chen G, Ye J, Demler E, Lukin MD, Rey AM. Tunable Superfluidity and Quantum Magnetism with Ultracold Polar Molecules. Physical Review Letters. 2011 ;107:115301.
von Stecher J, Gurarie V, Radzihovsky L, Rey AM. Lattice-Induced Resonances in One-Dimensional Bosonic Systems. Physical Review Letters. 2011 ;106:235301.
Chen Z, Bohnet JG, Weiner JM, Thompson JK. A low phase noise microwave source for atomic spin squeezing experiments in 87Rb. Review of Scientific Instruments. 2012 ;83:044701.
Weiner JM, Cox KC, Bohnet JG, Chen Z, Thompson JK. Superradiant Raman laser magnetometer. Applied Physics Letters. 2012 ;101:261107.
Chen Z, Bohnet JG, Sankar SR, Dai J, Thompson JK. Conditional Spin Squeezing of a Large Ensemble via the Vacuum Rabi Splitting. Physical Review Letters. 2011 ;106:133601.
Adams CL, Schneider HC, Weber JM. Vibrational Autodetachment-Intramolecular Vibrational Relaxation Translated into Electronic Motion. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 2010 ;114:4017 - 4030.
Wieman CE, Adams WK, Loebelin P, Perkins KK. Teaching Physics Using PhET Simulations. The Physics Teacher. 2010 ;48:225–227.
Wieman CE, Adams WK, Perkins KK. PHYSICS: PhET: Simulations That Enhance Learning. Science. 2008 ;322:682 - 683.
Adams WK, Reid S, LeMaster R, McKagan SB, Perkins KK, Dubson MA, Wieman CE. A Study of Educational Simulations Part 1--Engagement and Learning. Journal of Interactive Learning Research [Internet]. 2008 ;19(3):397-419. Available from: http://www.editlib.org/index.cfm?CFID=6451561&CFTOKEN=12030329&fuseaction=Reader.ViewAbstract&paper_id=24230
Adams WK, Reid S, LeMaster R, McKagan SB, Perkins KK, Dubson MA, Wieman CE. A Study of Educational Simulations Part II: Interface Design. Journal of Interactive Learning Research [Internet]. 2008 ;19(4):551–577. Available from: http://phet.colorado.edu/publications/PhET_Interviews_II.pdf
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Adams WK, Wieman CE, Perkins KK, Barbera J. Modifying and Validating the Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey for Use in Chemistry. Journal of Chemical Education. 2008 ;85:1435.
Kessler T, Hagemann C, Grebing C, Legero T, Sterr U, Riehle F, Martin MJ, Chen L, Ye J. A sub-40-mHz-linewidth laser based on a silicon single-crystal optical cavity. Nature Photonics. 2012 ;6:687 - 692.
Foltynowicz A, Masłowski P, Fleisher AJ, Bjork BJ, Ye J. Cavity-enhanced optical frequency comb spectroscopy in the mid-infrared application to trace detection of hydrogen peroxide. Applied Physics B. 2013 ;110(2):163 - 175.
Blatt S, Nicholson TL, Bloom BJ, Williams JR, Thomsen JW, Julienne PS, Ye J. Measurement of Optical Feshbach Resonances in an Ideal Gas. Physical Review Letters. 2011 ;107:073202.
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Yost DC, Cingöz A, Allison TK, Ruehl A, Fermann ME, Hartl I, Ye J. Power optimization of XUV frequency combs for spectroscopy applications [Invited]. Optics Express. 2011 ;19:23483.
Allison TK, Cingöz A, Yost DC, Ye J. Extreme Nonlinear Optics in a Femtosecond Enhancement Cavity. Physical Review Letters. 2011 ;107:183903.
Campbell GK, Boyd MM, Thomsen JW, Martin MJ, Blatt S, Swallows MD, Nicholson TL, Fortier TM, Oates CW, Diddams SA, et al. Probing Interactions Between Ultracold Fermions. Science. 2009 ;324:360 - 363.
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Eyler EE, Chieda DE, Stowe MC, Thorpe MJ, Schibli TR, Ye J. Prospects for precision measurements of atomic helium using direct frequency comb spectroscopy. European Journal of Physics D. 2008 ;48:42–55.
Ye J, Kimble HJ, Katori H. Quantum State Engineering and Precision Metrology Using State-Insensitive Light Traps. Science. 2008 ;320:1734 - 1738.
Ludlow AD, Zelevinsky T, Campbell GK, Blatt S, Boyd MM, de Miranda MHG, Martin MJ, Thomsen JW, Foreman SM, Ye J, et al. Sr Lattice Clock at 1 x 10-16 Fractional Uncertainty by Remote Optical Evaluation with a Ca Clock. Science. 2008 ;319:1805 - 1808.
Chen L, Cheng W-Y, Ye J. Hyperfine interactions and perturbation effects in the B0u+(3Πu) state of 127I2. Journal of the Optical Society of America B. 2004 ;21.
Cossel KC, Gresh DN, Sinclair LC, Coffey T, Skripnikov LV, Petrov AN, Mosyagin NS, Titov AV, Field RW, Meyer ER, et al. Broadband velocity modulation spectroscopy of HfF+: Towards a measurement of the electron electric dipole moment. Chemical Physics Letters. 2012 ;546:1 - 11.
Stuhl BK, Yeo M, Sawyer BC, Hummon MT, Ye J. Microwave state transfer and adiabatic dynamics of magnetically trapped polar molecules. Physical Review A. 2012 ;85:033427.
Cingöz A, Yost DC, Allison TK, Ruehl A, Fermann ME, Hartl I, Ye J. Direct frequency comb spectroscopy in the extreme ultraviolet. Nature. 2012 ;482:68 - 71.
Sawyer BC, Stuhl BK, Yeo M, Tscherbul TV, Hummon MT, Xia Y, Kłos J, Patterson D, Doyle JM, Ye J. Cold heteromolecular dipolar collisions. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2011 ;13:19059–19066.
Foltynowicz A, Ban T, Masłowski P, Adler F, Ye J. Quantum-Noise-Limited Optical Frequency Comb Spectroscopy. Physical Review Letters. 2011 ;107:233002.


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