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Deskevich MP, Nesbitt DJ, Werner HJ. Dynamically weighted multiconfiguration self-consistent field: Multistate calculations for F+H2O→HF+OH reaction paths. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2004 ;120.
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Grubisic A, Ringe E, Cobley CM, Xia Y, Marks LD, Van Duyne RP, Nesbitt DJ. Plasmonic Near-Electric Field Enhancement Effects in Ultrafast Photoelectron Emission: Correlated Spatial and Laser Polarization Microscopy Studies of Individual Ag Nanocubes. Nano Letters. 2012 ;12:4823 - 4829.
Holmstrom ED, Fiore JL, Nesbitt DJ. Thermodynamic Origins of Monovalent Facilitated RNA Folding. Biochemistry. 2012 ;51:3732–3743.
Sharp-Williams EN, Roberts MA, Nesbitt DJ. High resolution slit-jet infrared spectroscopy of ethynyl radical: 2Π–2Σ+ vibronic bands with sub-Doppler resolution. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 2011 ;134:064314.
Roscioli JR, Nesbitt DJ. Quantum state resolved velocity-map imaging spectroscopy: A new tool for collision dynamics at gas/self-assembled monolayer interfaces. Faraday Discussions. 2011 ;150:471.
van der Avoird A, Nesbitt DJ. Rovibrational states of the H2O–H2 complex: An ab initio calculation. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 2011 ;134:044314.
Sharp-Williams EN, Roberts MA, Nesbitt DJ. Dark state vibronic coupling in the Ã(2Π) ←X̃(2Σ+) band of ethynyl radical via high resolution infrared absorption spectroscopy. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2011 ;13:17474-17483.
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Holmstrom ED, Nesbitt DJ. Real-Time Infrared Overtone Laser Control of Temperature in Picoliter H2O Samples: “Nanobathtubs” for Single Molecule Microscopy. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 2010 ;1:2264 - 2268.
Perkins BG, Nesbitt DJ. Stereodynamics at the Gas-Liquid Interface: Orientation and Alignment of CO 2 Scattered from Perfluorinated Liquid Surfaces . The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 2010 ;114:1398 - 1410.
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Deskevich MP, McCoy AB, Hutson JM, Nesbitt DJ. Large-amplitude quantum mechanics in polyatomic hydrides. II. A particle-on-a-sphere model for XH[sub n] (n=4,5). The Journal of Chemical Physics. 2008 ;128:094306.
Zolot AM, Dagdigian PJ, Nesbitt DJ. Quantum-state resolved reactive scattering at the gas-liquid interface: F+squalane (C30H62) dynamics via high-resolution infrared absorption of nascent HF(v,J). The Journal of Chemical Physics. 2008 ;129:194705.
Fomenko V, Nesbitt DJ. Solution Control of Radiative and Nonradiative Lifetimes:  A Novel Contribution to Quantum Dot Blinking Suppression. Nano Letters. 2008 ;8:287 - 293.
Marmé N, Lee H, Friedrich A, Park C-W, Fiore JL, Nesbitt DJ, Knemeyer J-P. Suppressing nonspecific adsorption of proteins on the single-molecular level. In: SPIE Proceedings:Biomedical Optics (BiOS) 2008, Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Imaging. Vol. 6862. SPIE Proceedings:Biomedical Optics (BiOS) 2008, Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Imaging. San Jose, CA: SPIE; 2008. pp. 686212 - 686212-7.
Deskevich MP, Hayes MY, Takahashi K, Skodje RT, Nesbitt DJ. Multireference configuration interaction calculations for the F2P+HCl→HF+Cl2P reaction: A correlation scaled ground state (1 2] A potential energy surface. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 2006 ;124:224303.
Sanford TJ, Han S-Y, Thompson MA, Parson RP, Lineberger WC. Photodissociation dynamics of IBr-(CO2)n, n<15. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 2005 ;122:054307.
Nugent-Glandorf L, Perkins TT. Measuring 0.1-nm motion in 1 ms in an optical microscope with differential back-focal-plane detection. Optics Letters. 2004 ;29:2611.
Paik DH, Perkins TT. Cover Picture: Dynamics and Multiple Stable Binding Modes of DNA Intercalators Revealed by Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 8/2012). Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2011 ;51:1731 - 1731.
Carter AR, Seol Y, Perkins TT. Precision Surface-Coupled Optical-Trapping Assay with One-Basepair Resolution. Biophysical Journal. 2009 ;96:2926 - 2934.
King GM, Carter AR, Churnside AB, Eberle LS, Perkins TT. Ultrastable Atomic Force Microscopy: Atomic-Scale Stability and Registration in Ambient Conditions. Nano Letters. 2009 ;9:1451 - 1456.
Carter AR, King GM, Perkins TT. Back-scattered detection provides atomic-scale localization precision, stability, and registration in 3D. Optics Express. 2007 ;15:13434.
Carter AR, King GM, Ulrich TA, Halsey WA, Alchenberger D, Perkins TT. Stabilization of an optical microscope to 0.1 nm in three dimensions. Applied Optics. 2007 ;46:421.
Seol Y, Carpenter AE, Perkins TT. Gold nanoparticles: enhanced optical trapping and sensitivity coupled with significant heating. Optics Letters. 2006 ;31:2429.
Kaufman AM, Lester BJ, Regal CA. Cooling a Single Atom in an Optical Tweezer to Its Quantum Ground State. Physical Review X. 2012 ;2:041014.
Yu P-L, Purdy TP, Regal CA. Control of Material Damping in High-Q Membrane Microresonators. Physical Review Letters [Internet]. 2012 ;108:083603/1–5. Available from: http://link.aps.org/doi/10.1103/PhysRevLett.108.083603


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