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Mihalas D. Statistical Equilibrium Model Atmospheres for Early-Type Stars. IV. Remarks on Observational Tests. The Astrophysical Journal [Internet]. 1968 ;153:317. Available from: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/full/1968ApJ..153.317M
Oster L. Stimulated Compton effect and quasi-stellar objects. Astrophysics and Space Science. 1968 ;2(4):438 - 447.
Wilson PR. The structure of a sunspot. I: The Birth and Development of a Sunspot. Solar Physics. 1968 ;3(2):243 - 257.
Wilson PR. The structure of a sunspot II: The Magnetohydrodynamics of the Penumbra. Solar Physics [Internet]. 1968 ;3(3):454-465. Available from: http://www.springerlink.com/index/pdf/10.1007/BF00171619
Wilson PR, Cannon CJ. The structure of a sunspot III: Observations of the Wilson Effect. Solar Physics [Internet]. 1968 ;4(1):3 - 17. Available from: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/full/1968SoPh..4..3W
Wilson PR. The structure of a sunspot. IV: A Two-Dimensional Radiative Transfer Analysis of Center-Limb Intensity Profiles. Solar Physics. 1968 ;5(3):338 - 353.
Hummer DG. Summary-introduction to radiative transfer problems in stellar atmospheres. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer. 1968 ;8(1):193 - 217.
Thomas RN. Symposium on Wolf-Rayet stars: a summary. Astrophysical Letters [Internet]. 1968 ;2(3):147-148. Available from: http://articles.adsabs.harvard.edu//full/1968ApL...2.143T/0000147.000.html
Elst EW. A table of Uesugi's U- and V-functions for small values of optical thickness. Bulletin of the Astronomical Institutes of the Netherlands [Internet]. 1968 ;20:26-28. Available from: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/full/1968BAN..20..26E
Ozolins A, Lineberger WC, Niles FE. Temperature Effect on Spectrometer Slit Width and Photomultiplier Sensitivity. Review of Scientific Instruments. 1968 ;39(7):1039.
Layzer D, Garstang RH. Theoretical Atomic Transition Probabilities. Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics. 1968 ;6(1):449 - 494.
Eminyan ME. Theoretical design study of an apparatus for the production of a high intensity polarized lithium beam. Boulder, Colorado: University of Colorado; 1968 pp. 1-36. (1.4 MB)
Rudge MRH. Theory of the Ionization of Atoms by Electron Impact. Reviews of Modern Physics [Internet]. 1968 ;40(3):564 - 590. Available from: http://link.aps.org/doi/10.1103/RevModPhys.40.564
Bates DR, Flannery MR. Three-Body Recombination of Positive and Negative Ions. II. General Third Body. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences [Internet]. 1968 ;302(1470):367 - 383. Available from: http://rspa.royalsocietypublishing.org/cgi/doi/10.1098/rspa.1968.0023http://journals.royalsociety.org/index/10.1098/rspa.1968.0023
Wilson PR. On the Three-Dimensional Form of the Eddington Approximation. The Astrophysical Journal [Internet]. 1968 ;151:1019. Available from: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/full/1968ApJ..151.1019W
Linsky JL. Towards a Self-Consistent Interpretation of the Calcium Lines. In: Resonance Lines in Astrophysics Manuscripts Presented at a Conference, p. 441. Resonance Lines in Astrophysics Manuscripts Presented at a Conference, p. 441. Boulder, Colorado: Boulder, CO: National Center for Atmospheric Research; 1968. Available from: http://articles.adsabs.harvard.edu/full/1968rla.conf.441L
Auer LH. Transfer of Lyman Alpha in Diffuse Nebulae. The Astrophysical Journal [Internet]. 1968 ;153:783. Available from: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/full/1968ApJ..153.783A
Garstang RH. Transition Probabilities for Forbidden Lines. In: Osterbrock DE, O'Dell CR Planetary Nebulae. Planetary Nebulae. Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands; 1968. pp. 143 - 152.
Branscomb LM. Twenty years of physics: Atoms, molecules and electrons. Physics Today. 1968 ;21(5):36.
Bely O. The two-photon emission from the triplet metastable state of He I. Journal of Physics B: Atomic and Molecular Physics [Internet]. 1968 ;1(4):718 - 723. Available from: http://stacks.iop.org/0022-3700/1/i=4/a=323?key=crossref.0be03a272bd93d5836687acb4fe39e63
Gough DO, Lynden-Bell D. Vorticity expulsion by turbulence: astrophysical implications of an Alka-Seltzer experiment. Journal of Fluid Mechanics [Internet]. 1968 ;32(03):437. Available from: http://www.journals.cambridge.org/abstract_S0022112068000844
Barnard AJ, James HG, Neufeld CR. Widths and shifts of argon-II lines in a pulsed arc. Canadian Journal of Physics [Internet]. 1968 ;46(9):1083 - 1086. Available from: http://www.nrcresearchpress.com/doi/abs/10.1139/p68-136
Stewart JC. On the X- and Y-functions and Green's function for a finite slab. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer [Internet]. 1968 ;8(1):487 - 493. Available from: http://linkinghub.elsevier.com/retrieve/pii/S0022407368801281
Thomas RN. Aerodynamic Phenomena in Stellar Atmospheres: International Astronomical Union Symposium No. 28. Fifth Symposium on Cosmical Gas Dynamics. 1967 ;28.
Furutani Y. Angular Spectrum of Ion Cyclotron Harmonics. Physics of Fluids [Internet]. 1967 ;10(11):2405. Available from: http://link.aip.org/link/PFLDAS/v10/i11/p2405/s1&Agg=doi
Dutton J. A Bibliography of Electron Swarm Data. Boulder: University of Colorado; 1967 pp. 1-62. (40.97 MB)
Kieffer LJ. Bibliography of Low Energy Electron Collision Cross Section Data. In: NBS Miscellaneous Publication 289. NBS Miscellaneous Publication 289. ; 1967. Available from: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=4&ved=0CEMQFjAD&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dtic.mil%2Fcgi-bin%2FGetTRDoc%3FAD%3DAD0649862&ei=yGs4UsLJA9D_yQGxzYGoDg&usg=AFQjCNEsGnLlSVvB4YPuPW0HKp5V0LdZ_A&sig2=rdqxxHnBqr9c53AGO9muhg&bvm=bv.52164340,d
Garstang RH. Book Review: Solar System Astronomy. Nature. 1967 ;215(5101):678 - 678.
Cooper J. Broadening of Isolated Lines in the Impact Approximation Using a Density Matrix Formulation. Reviews of Modern Physics. 1967 ;39(1):167 - 177.
Flannery MR. Calculation of classical differential scattering cross sections. Proceedings of the Physical Society [Internet]. 1967 ;92(3):551 - 555. Available from: http://stacks.iop.org/0370-1328/92/i=3/a=306?key=crossref.150f397d5396845db9781a8aae8c7b2d
Cox AN, Cox JP. Cepheid Pulsations. Sky and Telescope. 1967 ;33:278. (480.09 KB)
Gallagher AC. Collisional Depolarization of the Rb 5p and Cs 6p Doublets. Physical Review. 1967 ;157(1):68 - 72.
Gallagher AC. Collisional Depolarization of the Rb 5p and Cs 6p Doublets (Errata). Physical Review. 1967 ;163(1):206 - 206.
Hummer DG, Rybicki GB. Computational Methods for non-LTE Line-Transfer Problems. In: Methods in Computational Physics. Advances in Research and Applications . Methods in Computational Physics. Advances in Research and Applications . ; 1967. (3.73 MB)
Zare RN. Correlation Effects in Complex Spectra. II. Transition Probabilities for the Magnesium Isoelectronic Sequence. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 1967 ;47(9):3561.
Karamcheti K, Koutsoyannis SP, Kwok MA, Rasmussen ML. Determination of the Velocity Distribution Function of a Gas Using a Laser. In: Brundin CL Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Volume 1. Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium, p.1469. Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Volume 1. Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium, p.1469. University of Oxford: New York: Academic Press; 1967.
Fleischmann H, Young R, McGowan JW. Differential Charge-Transfer Cross Section for Collisions of H+ on O2. Physical Review [Internet]. 1967 ;153(1):19 - 22. Available from: http://link.aps.org/doi/10.1103/PhysRev.153.19
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Kieffer LJ, Dunn GH. Dissociative Ionization of H2 and D2. Physical Review. 1967 ;158(1):61 - 65.
Kieffer LJ, Dunn GH. Dissociative Ionization of H2 and D2 (Errata). Physical Review. 1967 ;164(1):270 - 270.
Uberoi MS, Garby LC. Effect of Density Gradients on an Air Jet. Physics of Fluids. 1967 ;10(9):S200.
Uberoi MS, Wallis S. Effect of Grid Geometry on Turbulence Decay. Physics of Fluids. 1967 ;10(6):1216.
Brehm B, Gusinow M, Hall JL. Electron Affinity of Helium Via Laser Photodetachment of its Negative Ion. Physical Review Letters. 1967 ;19(13):737 - 741.
Dunn GH, Van Zyl B. Electron Impact Dissociation of H2+. Physical Review. 1967 ;154(1):40 - 51.
McGowan JW, Kerwin L. Electron transfer to multiply charged ions of Ar, N2,N and O2. Canadian Journal of Physics [Internet]. 1967 ;45(4):1451 - 1467. Available from: http://www.nrcresearchpress.com/doi/abs/10.1139/p67-109
Kieffer LJ. Energetic Ions from N2 Produced by Electron Impact. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 1967 ;46(7):2728.
Kalman G. Equilibrium and Linear Response of a Classical Scalar Plasma. Physical Review [Internet]. 1967 ;161(1):156 - 165. Available from: http://link.aps.org/doi/10.1103/PhysRev.161.156
Dewey CF, Gross JF. Exact Similar Solutions of the Laminar Boundary-Layer Equations. In: Advances in Heat Transfer . Vol. 4. Advances in Heat Transfer . ; 1967. pp. 317–355; 357–446. Available from: http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/665969.pdf
Bely O. Exchange contribution in the scattering of electrons by atoms and positive ions. Il Nuovo Cimento B Series 10. 1967 ;49(1):66 - 86.