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Foltynowicz A, Masłowski P, Fleisher AJ, Bjork BJ, Ye J. Cavity-enhanced optical frequency comb spectroscopy in the mid-infrared application to trace detection of hydrogen peroxide. Applied Physics B. 2013 ;110(2):163 - 175.
Palomaki TA, Harlow JW, Teufel JD, Simmonds RW, Lehnert KW. Coherent state transfer between itinerant microwave fields and a mechanical oscillator. Nature. 2013 ;495:210 - 214.
Hazzard KRA, Manmana SR, Foss-Feig M, Rey AMaria. Far-from-Equilibrium Quantum Magnetism with Ultracold Polar Molecules. Physical Review Letters. 2013 ;110:075301.
Reinhard A, Riou J-F, Zundel LA, Weiss DS, Li S, Rey AMaria, Hipolito R. Self-Trapping in an Array of Coupled 1D Bose Gases. Physical Review Letters. 2013 ;110:033001.
Zwickl BM, Finkelstein ND, Lewandowski HJ. AIP Conference Proceedings: Transforming the advanced lab: Part I - Learning goals. In: Rebello NS, Engels PV, Singh C 2011 Physics Education Research Conference. 2011 Physics Education Research Conference. Omaha, NE: AIP; 2012. pp. 391 - 394.
Cossel KC, Gresh DN, Sinclair LC, Coffey T, Skripnikov LV, Petrov AN, Mosyagin NS, Titov AV, Field RW, Meyer ER, et al. Broadband velocity modulation spectroscopy of HfF+: Towards a measurement of the electron electric dipole moment. Chemical Physics Letters. 2012 ;546:1 - 11.
Yu P-L, Purdy TP, Regal CA. Control of Material Damping in High-Q Membrane Microresonators. Physical Review Letters [Internet]. 2012 ;108:083603/1–5. Available from: http://link.aps.org/doi/10.1103/PhysRevLett.108.083603
Kaufman AM, Lester BJ, Regal CA. Cooling a Single Atom in an Optical Tweezer to Its Quantum Ground State. Physical Review X. 2012 ;2:041014.
Nowak B, Kinnunen JJ, Holland MJ, Schlagheck P. Delocalization of ultracold atoms in a disordered potential due to light scattering. Physical Review A. 2012 ;86:043610.
Wilson RM, Rittenhouse ST, Bohn JL. A dielectric superfluid of polar molecules. New Journal of Physics. 2012 ;14:043018.
Cingöz A, Yost DC, Allison TK, Ruehl A, Fermann ME, Hartl I, Ye J. Direct frequency comb spectroscopy in the extreme ultraviolet. Nature. 2012 ;482:68 - 71.
Drake TE, Sagi Y, Paudel R, Stewart JT, Gaebler JP, Jin DS. Direct observation of the Fermi surface in an ultracold atomic gas. Physical Review A. 2012 ;86:031601.
Stuhl BK, Hummon MT, Yeo M, Quéméner G, Bohn JL, Ye J. Evaporative cooling of the dipolar hydroxyl radical. Nature. 2012 ;492:396 - 400.
Zhang C, von Stecher J, Greene CH. Few-body ultracold reactions in a Bose-Fermi mixture. Physical Review A. 2012 ;85:043615.
Hazzard KRA, Gurarie V, Hermele M, Rey AMaria. High-temperature properties of fermionic alkaline-earth-metal atoms in optical lattices. Physical Review A. 2012 ;85:041604.
Chotia A, Neyenhuis B, Moses SA, Yan B, Covey JP, Foss-Feig M, Rey AMaria, Jin DS, Ye J. Long-Lived Dipolar Molecules and Feshbach Molecules in a 3D Optical Lattice. Physical Review Letters. 2012 ;108:080405.
Chen Z, Bohnet JG, Weiner JM, Thompson JK. A low phase noise microwave source for atomic spin squeezing experiments in 87Rb. Review of Scientific Instruments. 2012 ;83:044701.
Sagi Y, Drake TE, Paudel R, Jin DS. Measurement of the Homogeneous Contact of a Unitary Fermi Gas. Physical Review Letters. 2012 ;109:220402.
Stuhl BK, Yeo M, Sawyer BC, Hummon MT, Ye J. Microwave state transfer and adiabatic dynamics of magnetically trapped polar molecules. Physical Review A. 2012 ;85:033427.
Grau M, Leanhardt AE, Loh H, Sinclair LC, Stutz RP, Yahn TS, Cornell EA. Near-infrared LIF spectroscopy of HfF. Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. 2012 ;272:32 - 35.
He K, Satija II, Clark CW, Rey AMaria, Rigol M. Noise correlation scalings: Revisiting the quantum phase transition in incommensurate lattices with hard-core bosons. Physical Review A. 2012 ;85:013617.
Cundiff ST, Bristow AD, Siemens ME, Li H, Moody GA, Karaiskaj D, Dai X, Zhang T. Optical 2-D Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of Excitons in Semiconductor Nanostructures. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics. 2012 ;18:318 - 328.
Ziemkiewicz MP, Pluetzer C, Nesbitt DJ, Scribano Y, Faure A, van der Avoird A. Overtone vibrational spectroscopy in H2-H2O complexes: A combined high level theoretical ab initio, dynamical and experimental study. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 2012 ;137:084301.
Turner DB, Wen P, Arias D, Nelson KA, Li H, Moody GA, Siemens ME, Cundiff ST. Persistent exciton-type many-body interactions in GaAs quantum wells measured using two-dimensional optical spectroscopy. Physical Review B. 2012 ;85:201303.
Adams CL, Knurr BJ, Weber JMathias. Photoelectron spectroscopy of 1-nitropropane and 1-nitrobutane anions. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 2012 ;136:064307.
Grubisic A, Ringe E, Cobley CM, Xia Y, Marks LD, Van Duyne RP, Nesbitt DJ. Plasmonic Near-Electric Field Enhancement Effects in Ultrafast Photoelectron Emission: Correlated Spatial and Laser Polarization Microscopy Studies of Individual Ag Nanocubes. Nano Letters. 2012 ;12:4823 - 4829.
Bohnet JG, Chen Z, Weiner JM, Cox KC, Thompson JK. Relaxation Oscillations, Stability, and Cavity Feedback in a Superradiant Raman Laser. Physical Review Letters. 2012 ;109:253602.
Fitch NJ, Esteves DA, Fabrikant MI, Briles TC, Shyur Y, Parazzoli LP, Lewandowski HJ. State purity of decelerated molecular beams. Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. 2012 ;278:1 - 6.
Roscioli JR, Bell DJ, Nelson DJ, Nesbitt DJ. State-resolved velocity map imaging of surface-scattered molecular flux. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2012 ;14:4070.
Foss-Feig M, Daley AJ, Thompson JK, Rey AMaria. Steady-State Many-Body Entanglement of Hot Reactive Fermions. Physical Review Letters. 2012 ;109:230501.
Bohnet JG, Chen Z, Weiner JM, Meiser D, Holland MJ, Thompson JK. A steady-state superradiant laser with less than one intracavity photon. Nature. 2012 ;484:78 - 81.
Kessler T, Hagemann C, Grebing C, Legero T, Sterr U, Riehle F, Martin MJ, Chen L, Ye J. A sub-40-mHz-linewidth laser based on a silicon single-crystal optical cavity. Nature Photonics. 2012 ;6:687 - 692.
Kerckhoff J, Lehnert KW. Superconducting Microwave Multivibrator Produced by Coherent Feedback. Physical Review Letters. 2012 ;109:153602.
Weiner JM, Cox KC, Bohnet JG, Chen Z, Thompson JK. Superradiant Raman laser magnetometer. Applied Physics Letters. 2012 ;101:261107.
Phillips LF, Nesbitt DJ. The surface of liquid gallium. Chemical Physics Letters. 2012 ;536:61 - 64.
Holmstrom ED, Fiore JL, Nesbitt DJ. Thermodynamic Origins of Monovalent Facilitated RNA Folding. Biochemistry. 2012 ;51:3732–3743.
Holland MJ, Wachter J. Two-channel models of the BEC/BCS crossover. Proceedings of the 2006 International School of Physics Enrico Fermi Summer School Course CLXIV on "Ultracold Fermi Gases". 2012 ;Volume 164: Ultra-cold Fermi Gases:351 - 383.
Dai X, Richter M, Li H, Bristow AD, Falvo C, Mukamel S, Cundiff ST. Two-Dimensional Double-Quantum Spectra Reveal Collective Resonances in an Atomic Vapor. Physical Review Letters. 2012 ;108:193201.
La-O-Vorakiat C, Turgut E, Teale CA, Kapteyn HC, Murnane MM, Mathias S, Aeschlimann M, Schneider CM, Shaw JM, Nembach HT, et al. Ultrafast Demagnetization Measurements using Extreme Ultraviolet Light: Comparison of Electronic and Magnetic Contributions. Physical Review X. 2012 ;2:011005.
Wang Y, Greene CH. Universal bound and scattering properties for two dipoles. Physical Review A. 2012 ;85:022704.
Wang Y, Wang J, D'Incao JP, Greene CH. Universal Three-Body Parameter in Heteronuclear Atomic Systems. Physical Review Letters. 2012 ;109:243201.
Wang J, D'Incao JP, Wang Y, Greene CH. Universal three-body recombination via resonant d-wave interactions. Physical Review A. 2012 ;86:062511.
Meyer ER, Bohn JL. Chemical pathways in ultracold reactions of SrF molecules. Physical Review A. 2011 ;83:032714.
Sawyer BC, Stuhl BK, Yeo M, Tscherbul TV, Hummon MT, Xia Y, Kłos J, Patterson D, Doyle JM, Ye J. Cold heteromolecular dipolar collisions. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2011 ;13:19059–19066.
Ludlow AD, Lemke ND, Sherman J, Oates CW, Quéméner G, von Stecher J, Rey AMaria. Cold-collision-shift cancellation and inelastic scattering in a Yb optical lattice clock. Physical Review A. 2011 ;84:052724.
Chen Z, Bohnet JG, Sankar SR, Dai J, Thompson JK. Conditional Spin Squeezing of a Large Ensemble via the Vacuum Rabi Splitting. Physical Review Letters. 2011 ;106:133601.
de Miranda MHG, Chotia A, Neyenhuis B, Wang D, Quéméner G, Ospelkaus S, Bohn JL, Ye J, Jin DS. Controlling the quantum stereodynamics of ultracold bimolecular reactions. Nature Physics. 2011 ;7(6):502–507.
Ranitovic P, Tong X-M, Hogle CW, Zhou X, Liu Y, Toshima N, Murnane MM, Kapteyn HC. Controlling the XUV Transparency of Helium Using Two-Pathway Quantum Interference. Physical Review Letters. 2011 ;106:193008.
Paik DH, Perkins TT. Cover Picture: Dynamics and Multiple Stable Binding Modes of DNA Intercalators Revealed by Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 8/2012). Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2011 ;51:1731 - 1731.
Sharp-Williams EN, Roberts MA, Nesbitt DJ. Dark state vibronic coupling in the Ã(2Π) ←X̃(2Σ+) band of ethynyl radical via high resolution infrared absorption spectroscopy. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2011 ;13:17474-17483.


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