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Enhancement effects on electron-ion recombination rates

TitleEnhancement effects on electron-ion recombination rates
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsMüller, A, Bartsch, T, Brandau, C, Danared, H, DeWitt, DR, Doerfert, J, Dunn, GH, Gao, H, Graham, WG, Hoffknecht, A, Lebius, H, Linkemann, J, Pindzola, MS, Savin, DW, Schippers, S, Schmitt, M, Schuch, R, Schwalm, D, Spies, W, Uwira, O, Wolf, A, Zong, W
Conference NameAIP Conference Proceedings 392: The fourteenth international conference on the application of accelerators in research and industry, p. 31–34
Conference LocationDenton, Texas (USA)