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Ptychographic amplitude and phase reconstruction of bichromatic vortex beams

TitlePtychographic amplitude and phase reconstruction of bichromatic vortex beams
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsEsashi, Y, Liao, C-T, Wang, B, Brooks, N, Dorney, KM, Hernandez-Garcia, C, Kapteyn, H, Adams, D, Murnane, M
JournalOptics Express
Date Published2018-12
Keywordshyperspectral fields, orbital angular momentum

We experimentally demonstrate that ptychographic coherent diffractive imaging can be used to simultaneously characterize the amplitude and phase of bichromatic orbital angular momenta-shaped vortex beams, which consist of a fundamental field, together with its copropagating second-harmonic field. In contrast to most other orbital angular momentum characterization methods, this approach solves for the complex field of a hyperspectral beam. This technique can also be used to characterize other phase-structured illumination beams, and, in the future, will be able to be extended to other complex fields in the extreme ultraviolet or X-ray spectral regions, as well as to matter waves.


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