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Precision Measurement of the Gravitational quantities g and G

TitlePrecision Measurement of the Gravitational quantities g and G
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsFaller, JE
Conference NameProceedings, 2013 IAG Symposium on Terrestrial Gravimetry: Static and Mobile Measurements, p. 5
Date Published2014-08
PublisherState Research Center of the Russian Federation Concern CSRI Elektropribor, JSC
Conference LocationState Research Center of the Russian Federation (St. Petersburg, Russia

The precision measurement of g and G has a measurement history that dates from the beginnings of scientific thought. And though the measurement accuracy with which we can measure g, the free-fall acceleration dur to our Earth's gravity, has been improved on by nearly eight orders of magnitude during the past 400 years, the accuracy with which G, the Newtonian Constant of Gravitation, is known has barely increased by three orders of magnitude during its nearly 300 year measurement history. In this paper, I will discuss what has driven (and impeded) this progress and I will also point out how various different ideas for measuring these two quantitites have come about. Finally, I will point out how some of these ideas and/or technologies have directly benefited other areas of scientific research. Throughout this paper, an important and underlying theme will be the interconnectivity and commonality of all precision measurement experiments.

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