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Toomre Wins 2010 Hazel Barnes Prize

Published: 04-13-2010

Juri Toomre.

Juri Toomre, professor of astrophysical and planetary sciences, has won the 2010 Hazel Barnes prize. The prize is the largest and most prestigious single faculty award funded by the University of Colorado at Boulder. It was established in honor of Philosophy Professor Emirta Hazel Barnes to recognize "the enriching interrelationship between teaching and research." Toomre received an engraved university medal and a $20,000 cash award at the May 7, 2010, spring commencement.

The prize recognizes Toomre's research in solar physics, astrophysical fluid dynamics, supercomputing simulations, and helioseismology, which is the use of sound waves produced by the Sun to learn about the Sun's interior structure. It also cited Toomre's exceptional teaching record during his nearly 40 years at CU-Boulder. Toomre's prior teaching awards include the title of Professor of Distinction, given by the CU-Boulder College of Arts and Sciences in 2009. A decade earlier, students selected him for the Teaching Recognition Award, sponsored by the Student Organization for Alumni Relations. CU-Boulder's Council on Research and Creative Work named him a Distinguished Research Lecturer in 1995.

Toomre received both B.S. and M.S degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in applied mathematics at Trinity College at the University of Cambridge. He came to CU-Boulder in 1971.


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