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Science Buffs Features JILA’s Innovative Platform for Observing the Ultrafast and Ultrasmall

Published: 11-19-2015

Chris Mancuso

Dan Hickstein

Graduate student Chris Mancuso and senior research associate Dan Hickstein of the Kapteyn/Murnane group recently spoke with Amanda Grennell, a 5th year PhD candidate in Chemistry at the University of Colorado Boulder. The researchers discussed the K/M group’s paper “Strong-field ionization with two-color circularly polarized laser fields,” which appeared in Physical Review A in March, 2015. The result is a delightful blog post of the K/M group’s groundbreaking research on imaging with circularly polarized laser fields. The story includes terrific animations prepared by Hickstein. The story was posted by the BioFrontiers Science Alliance.

Enjoy learning about two-color circularly polarized laser fields by clicking on http://www.sciencebuffs.org/

You’ll be glad you did!

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