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JILA's Instrument Shop is featured in the Coloradan Magazine

Published: 02-10-2016

Hans Green works in the JILA machine shop. Credit: Glenn Asakawa

When James Bond needs a new gizmo to carry out acts of spymaster derring-do, he heads straight for Q. CU scientists have a gadget team of their own.

To the physicists and chemists of CU-Boulder, Hans Green (Hist’95) and the JILA team say this: If you conceive it, we will build it.

James Bond has Q, the irascible tinkerer extraordinaire of the British Secret Service; CU-Boulder scientists have an entire squad of gadgetry wizards at the JILA Instrument Shop, which designs and manufactures custom equipment for work at the leading edge of physical science — stuff researchers need for their experiments but can’t buy anywhere.

Read the entire article at Coloradan Magazine, CU-Boulder's alumni magazine.

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