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In the News!

Published: 06-10-2013

Michael Foss-Feig has won the American Physical Society's Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (DAMOP) Award for outstanding doctoral thesis research in atomic, molecular, and optical physics. The award was announced at the 44th annual DAMOP meeting, held in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, June 3–7, 2013.

Foss-Feig performed his thesis work in the Rey group at JILA. His thesis is entitled "Quantum simulation of many-body physics with neutral atoms, molecules, and ions." The...

Published: 05-28-2013

Susanna Kohler has won this year's Richard N. Thomas award, given in honor of the late Dick Thomas, co-founder of JILA. The award  honors an outstanding JILA graduate student in astrophysical and planetary sciences. It was presented to Kohler on May 17, 2013, by Nora Thomas, widow of Dick Thomas. Congratulations, Susanna!

Published: 05-28-2013

Kathy Hoogeboom-Pot's video submission to the 2013 Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Video and Poster Competition has been selected as a winner of a Judge’s Choice Award in this year's Video and Poster Competition. As a result, Hoogeboom-Pot has been invited to attend an all-day awards ceremony in the National Science Foundation Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, on June 11, 2013.


Published: 05-01-2013

Two symposia will be held the week of May 6, 2013,  in honor of Dr. Katharine B. Gebbie.  The day-long events will  celebrate Gebbie's illustrious career in JILA and NIST as well as her outstanding service to science and the nation. The first symposium on May 8th will be held in Gaithersburg, Maryland, followed by a second event in Boulder, Colorado on May 10th. The Boulder symposium will feature talks by Nobel Laureates Tom Cech, Dave Wineland, Eric...

Published: 04-30-2013

Henry Kapteyn has been elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences, the academy announced on April 30, 2013. Kapteyn joins seven other members of the JILA faculty as members of the academy. They include John Hall (1984), Carl Wieman (1995), Eric Cornell (2000), Margaret Murnane (2004), Deborah Jin (2005) and Jun Ye (2011). NIST Nobel Laureate Dave Wineland and CU Physics Professors Noel Clark and John Wahr are also academy members.

Kapteyn's research interests include...

Published: 04-24-2013

David Nesbitt has been elected as a 2013 member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He joins some of the world’s most accomplished leaders from academia, business, public affairs, the humanities, and the arts, including JILA Fellows Carl Lineberger, Eric Cornell, Margaret Murnane, and Deborah Jin, Fellow emeritus Carl Wieman, and such luminaries as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Webster, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Albert Einstein, and Winston Churchill.

“Our deepest...

Published: 04-17-2013

Margaret Murnane was elected an Honory Member of the Royal Irish Academy in March of 2013. She was nominated for the honor by Professor Eugene Kennedy, MRIA, and Professor Luke Drury, MRIA. Murnane is a Fellow of JILA and a Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Physics and Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

The Royal Irish Academy was founded in 1785 for the advancement of learning and scholarship in Ireland. The Academy's modern...

Published: 04-01-2013

Peter Bender has been selected as a 2013 Outstanding Referee by the American Physical Society journals. The Outstanding Referee program was instituted in 2008 to recognize scientists who have been exceptionally helpful in assessing manuscripts for publication in the APS journals. The highly selective  program annually recognizes about 150 of the roughly 60,000 currently active referees. In 2013, 142 Outstanding Referees were selected.

Honorees are selected based on the quality,...

Published: 03-26-2013

On Thursday, March 28, Deborah Jin will be honored in a ceremony at the Sorbonne in Paris as the '2013 L'Oréal-UNESCO Awards Laureate for North America', as part of the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science program.  One of five 2013 regional laureates, she was cited for being the first scientist in the world to create near absolute zero temperature potassium-rubidium (KRb) molecules that allow her, and colleagues, to slow chemical reactions down in order to see what goes on during...

Published: 02-19-2013

A Celebration of Life for Fellow Art Phelps will be held at JILA on February 22, 2013, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in rooms X317 and X325. The longtime JILA Fellow passed away on December 14, 2012. The celebration of his life will be hosted by Phelps' adult children, Joanie Gilbert and Wayne Phelps.

In honor of Phelps' great scientific legacy, the Executive Committee of the Gaseous Electronics Conference has planned a special session of the upcoming conference, which will take place...

Published: 01-09-2013

Carl Lineberger joined fellow National Science Board members France Cordova (Chair of the Board, Smithsonian Institution) and Arnold Stancell (Vice President, Mobil Oil, ret.) on a whirlwind fact-finding tour of Antarctica November 26–30, 2012. The trio visited science and engineering facilities at the McMurdo and South Pole Stations, as well as field research sites in the Dry Valleys and historic huts on Ross Island.

The scientists were also were given an in-depth look at logistical...

Published: 01-03-2013

Former JILA Fellow, Professor Keith Burnett, has been awarded a knighthood in the 2013 New Year's honours list for services to science and higher education. The Knighthood carries the title "Sir".

Professor Burnett is an AMO Physicist who came to JILA around 1980 as a postdoctoral researcher with Fellow John Cooper. Subsequently, Burnett was himself appointed both as a JILA Fellow and Assistant Professor of the Physics Department. He later returned to the United...

Published: 11-15-2012

JILA's new X-Wing addition was recently awarded Special Judges Recognition for its outstanding craftsmanship and impact on the JILA community as part of the Best Projects competition in the Mountain States region, according to Engineering News Record, Mountain States. The new addition was entered in the contest by Saunders Construction, the firm that built the new X-Wing.

Published: 10-22-2012

Steve Cundiff will receive a Silver Medal from the U. S. Department of Commerce for his leadership of JILA’s X-Wing project at an award ceremony to be held in Washington, D. C. on January 8, 2013. He is also being honored for this achievement during the 40th annual NIST Awards Ceremony at NIST in Gaithersburg, Maryland on December 5, 2012.

JILA is the joint research institute between NIST and the University of Colorado, Boulder. For 50 years, JILA has been a world leader in...

Published: 10-19-2012

Deborah Jin has been selected as one of five regional winners of the 2013 For Women in Science Awards. The awards are presented annually by the L’Oreal Foundation and UNESCO to recognize outstanding women worldwide who significantly advance science. Jin was selected by an international jury led by Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail “for having been the first to cool down molecules so much that she can observe chemical reactions in slow motion which may help further understanding of molecular...

Published: 09-06-2012

Eric Cornell has won the Ioannes Marcus Marci Medal for molecular spectroscopy from the Ioannes Markus Marci Spectroscopic Society of the Czech Republic. The award recognizes Cornell's work (in collaboration with Jun Ye) in the search for the electric dipole moment of the electron.

Published: 08-01-2012

Research associate Matthew Hummon and graduate student Benjamin Stuhl won two of the five Outstanding Presentation Awards at the 2012 Boulder Laboratories Postdoctoral Poster Symposium. Hummon was recognized for his presentation entitled "Making a Magneto-Optical Trap for Polar Molecules." His co-authors were Mark Yeo, Benjamin Stuhl, Alejandra Collopy, Yong Xia, and Jun Ye.

Stuhl was recognized for his presentation entitled "Evaporation of Magnetically Trapped Dipolar Molecules." His...

Published: 07-24-2012

Fellow Cindy Regal,  recent JILA grad Matthew Squires (Anderson group, Ph.D. 2008),  former postdoc Wen Li (Kapteyn/Murnane group), and JILA grad Ian Coddington (Cornell group, Ph. D. 2004) have received prestigeous Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers, according to a White House press release issued July 23. Each award is for $1 million over 5 years.

Regal was honored for her "discovery of pairing and condensation in a Fermi gas of atoms and broad...

Published: 07-23-2012

Fifty is the birthday for self reflection. It's a time when many of us look back at our lives and ask: Is this the best that I can be? Is my life headed in the right direction to make a difference?

On July 13, we were honored to commemorate the 50th birthday of a remarkable institution. Our two organizations, the Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Colorado Boulder (CU...

Published: 07-10-2012

The American Physical Society (APS) has designated JILA as an historic physics site as part of its Historic Sites Mission to raise public awareness of physics. APS President Robert Byer presented JILA with a plaque on July 13 at a special ceremony held at 1:30 pm on Farrand Field as part of JILA's 50th anniversary celebration.

The plaque is engraved with the citation:

"JILA is a unique interdisciplinary research and education institute, a partnership between the...

Published: 07-03-2012

Patrick Gallagher, Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and Philip DiStefano, Chancellor of the University of Colorado, Boulder, co-authored a guest commentary that appeared in the Boulder Daily Camera on Friday July 20. The commentary was entitled Fifty years of discovery: Sharing JILA's 'Secret Sauce.' The commentary was written in honor of JILA's 50th anniversary celebration held on July 12-13.

The commentary can be found at...

Published: 06-06-2012

Fellow Ana Maria Rey is Woman Physicist of the Month for June.

Rey is  theorist working on many complicated problems in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical (AMO) Physics.  She is well known for her collaborations at JILA with experimentalists Deborah Jin and Jun Ye as well as theorist Murray Holland, CU theorists Victor Guarie and Michael Hermele, and physicists at institutions in the United States and abroad.

Dr. Rey joined JILA and the University of Colorado Physics...

Published: 04-27-2012

Judah Levine received a 2011 Presidential Rank Award at a banquet and ceremony held April 26 in Washington, D. C. He received a lump-sum payment equal to 35 percent of his annual basic pay and a framed certificate signed by the president.

Published: 01-03-2012

President Barack Obama will appoint Dr. Margaret Murnane for Chairman, President's Committee on the National Medal of Science, according to a White House press release on December 21, 2011. Murnane is a Fellow of JILA and a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Colorado. She is also a Fellow of  the American Physical Society, the Optical Society of America, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. She was elected to the American...

Published: 11-01-2011

President Obama has selected Fellow Judah Levine of NIST's Time and Frequency Division for a 2011 Presidential Rank Award which honors "strong leaders, professionals, and scientists who achieve results and consistently demonstrate strength, integrity, industry and a relentless commitment to excellence in public service."

The award recognizes Levine as a world leader in early applications of lasers for precision measurements, as well as precision time and frequency measurements based...