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This Week (Upcoming)

Jan 18
11:00 am
CTQM Seminar
Fiona Burnell University of Minnesota
Duane Physics Room G126

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Synthetic Quantum Matter in Superconducting Circuits

Quantized States, Berry Phases, and Quantum-Hall Wedding-Cake structures in Graphene Quantum Dots

Ultracold Molecules: >From Quantum Chemistry to Quantum Computing

Laser-based phase contrast transmission electron microscopy

Critical dynamics across the atomic resonance

How to Find Funding for Postdocs

Career Services: Find Your Fit in Industry

Health Insurance Enrollment Session

New Postdoc Orientation

Career Services: Academic Statements

Career Services: Themed Q&A Session, CVs to Resume

Communicating Science to Laypeople & General Audiences

Career Services: Elevator Pitch

Career Services: Themed Q&A Session, Non-Academic Networking

Emotional Intelligence for Professional Success

ISSS: H-1B Visa Status & Understanding the Private Sector Process

Career Services: Conference Networking

Grant Writing 101 for Postdocs & Graduate Students

Career Services: Themed Q&A Session, CVs to Resume

Constraints, anyons, and finding (thermal) equilibrium

Quantum-information methods for metrology with trapped ions

New Light on an Old Challenge: How mid-infrared quantum cascade laser spectroscopy opens new windows for noninvasive glucose monitoring

Complex Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Reflectometry: Quantitative Lensless Imaging with Short-Wavelength Light in Reflection Geometries

Floquet engineering and prethermalization in driven optical lattices

TBA **Condon Lecture**

Universal Health Care for Wave Functions

Recent neutrino oscillation and scattering measurements with NOvA

**Special Colloquium** — An Introduction to Quantitative Finance from the Viewpoint of an Experimental Physicist

Quantum Hall physics with photons

Strongly Interacting synthetic topological insulators in high dimensions

Improving Trapped Ion Quantum Information Processing with Parametric Amplification

Engineering the Second Quantum Revolution

Building one molecule from a reservoir of two atoms

Evolution of a new enzyme is challenging: not every microbe is going to succeed

Single Atom Delivey into a Bottle Beam Trap Using an Optical Conveyor Belt and Quantum Coherent Gain in a Matterwave Transistor

Noise-sensing with a quantum mechanical oscillator

Three-Boson Bound States in Two Dimensions

Some properties of the emission of single atoms in free space

Dark Hydrogen Cosmology: Searching for Exotic Physics in the Dark Ages

Observations and Discoveries of Our Heliosphere’s Interstellar Interaction

Unleashing Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers for Neutrino Physics: MicroBooNE, SBN, and DUNE

Precision Interferometric Measurements: The Challenge for Gravitational Wave Observatories

Kondo Dynamics in Fermionic Alkaline-Earth Atoms at Finite Temperatures

2020 Foresight on Brown Dwarfs Astrophysics

Reliving the Past: Experimental Evolution of Major Transitions in the History of Life

Laser Measurement Training Seminar

Ultrafast Dynamics of Magnetic Multilayer Films: Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy and Resonant Scattering in the Extreme Ultraviolet and Soft X-ray Spectral Regions

Exploring quantum many-body dynamics and quantum information processing with reconfigurable arrays of atoms

The Limitations of Gyrochronology for Old Field Stars

Translation symmetry in fractionalized phases

Neutrino physics measurements from T2K

Measurement of the Muon Anti-Neutrino CC-0Pi Double Differential Cross Section on Water using the Pi-Zero Detector at T2K

The Chemistry of Energy!

One Fish...Two Fish...Fluorescent Red & Green Squish!

Electricity and Magnetism

Bioinspired Engineering - Buggy Robots

Surfing with a Mathematician!

Stochastic simulation: From the Gillespie algorithm, to kinetic proofreading, to chemoreception

Dead Dinosaurs and Nuclear Wars

Cassini’s Final Discoveries— Saturn as Never Seen Before

The Race Between Education and Catastrophe

The Most Unknown film screening

Electron-nuclear correlation in strong-field

Renormalization Group Optimized Perturbation Theory applied to the Quark Pressure

Mass Spectrometry and Spectroscopy Studies of Canonical Structures of Biological Molecules

Super-Resolution Microscopy Made Simple

Ultrafast extreme ultraviolet spectroscopy reveals short-lived states in transition metal complexes and organohalide perovskite semiconductors

Progress towards making ferroelectrics from systems of rotating electric dipoles

Modeling Supermassive Black Holes and Galaxy Coevolution Over Cosmic Time

It's Not Just About Saving Kilowatt-Hours: The Role of Buildings (and Occupants!) in a Truly Efficient Power Grid

Get out your Popcorn: And Ultrafast Movie

How Can We Explore Galaxy Evolution Using the Same Molecules in Galaxies Found in Diesel Soot on Earth?

Powered by the Sun: Turning Light into Electricity with Photovoltaic Cells

The Higgs Boson and Beyond

The Physics of Keeping Secrets: A Look Inside the World of Quantum Encryption

Searching for the fastest stars in our Galaxy

A complex path around the sign problem

The two-dimensional Ising model revisited

Informal discussion on the interplay of quenched disorder and strong correlations in quantum ground states

Chiral Fermion Transport in Condensed Matters

How Proteins Make Decisions in Cells and in Evolution

A Semi-synthetic Organism that Stores and Retrieves Increased Genetic Information

From Single Molecule Fluorescence to Superenzyme Engineering and Beyond

Protein Nanowires: Biological Function and Synthetic Constructs for ‘Green’ Electronics

Mixed Conduction in Polymeric Materials: Electrochemical devices for Biosensing and Neuromorphic Computing

Nanoscale Lasing: A Conundrum?

Watching Chemical Reactions Happen One Molecule at a Time

Active Matter: from colloids to living cells

Searching beyond the Standard Model at the LHC

From the Big Bang to Signs fo Alien Life, with the James Webb and Future Telescopes

Observing quantum materials in real time by pump-probe Raman Scattering

Front and center: physics and the large size of whales

The physics, biology, and technology of resonance energy transfer

Quantum Nanophotonics from Ultrathin Metallic Junctions

Magnetism and spin in quantum materials

Dark matter neutron mixing

Triples are Here and There, Triples are Everywhere (Triples in Planets, Stars, and Black Holes)

How Are Black Hole Accretion Disks Around L = 0.1-0.2 L_{Edd} So Stable?

Jovian Jets in a Gyrating Jacuzzi

The Galactic Atmosphere: the Gaseous Halo of the Milky Way

Supermassive Black Hole Fueling and Feedback in Galaxies

Black Holes are Fussy Eaters

Magnetic Reconnection, Turbulence, and Particle Acceleration – What We Have Learned from MMS and Will Learn from Parker Solar Probe

Jupiter’s deep flows revealed by Juno

Evolved crustal melts in dynamically hot planetary embryos and the first habitats of the solar system

X-ray resonant probes of magnetism at high pressures: towards realization of novel quantum spin liquids in 5d oxide

Synthetic spin-orbit coupling for ultracold atoms

PISEC Informational Meeting

PISEC Informational Meeting

PISEC Informational Meeting

PISEC Informational Meeting

Transport and Symmetry in Spin-Orbit Coupled Magnets

Universality of BCS-BEC Crossover in Quantum Fermi Gases

Bimetric theory of fractional quantum Hall states

Analytical Modeling and Numerical Simulations of Time Delays in Attosecond Streaking of One- and Two-Photon Ionization

Observation of self-organised criticality in an ultracold Rydberg gas

Giant Cake Day - RN Thomas Award

Panel Discussion: What can the Engineering Management Program do for my STEM Career?

Quantum simulation with the Fermi-Hubbard model

Health Insurance: Program for International Postdocs

Navigating the NSF Review Process as a Beginning PI

Probing off-resonantly driven Rydberg gases at the single-atom level

Spinning a Company Out of My Engineering Lab

How Do I Sell My Technology?

Bosonic Quantum Error Correction

There's Something in the Air!

The Tumultuous Life of Cumulus Clouds

Illusion and Reality: The Science of Perception

Astrophysics Lunch Seminar

Picoastronomy: an electron microscopist's view of the history of the Solar System

Career Services: Make Your Conference Work for You

Career Services: How People Get Jobs in Industry (Networking)

Career Services: Honing Your Elevator Pitch

Career Services: How to Leverage a Job Posting to Perfect Your Application

Career Services: Writing Statements for Your Academic Job Search

Career Services: Converting Your Academic CV to an Industry Resume

PIP: Town Hall with ISSS

NPAW: Learning Leadership Skills

Career Services: Writing Your Academic CV

A Three-Dimensional MOT of YO Towards Narrow-Line Cooling

Using Local Additivity To Find Examples Of Superadditivity Of Quantum Channels

Research Misconduct - How to Stay Out of Jail

Statistical Analysis Techniques for Research

PAC: Front Range Industry & Industry Meeting (FRISM)

Applying to Tenure-Track Positions

New Postdoc Orientation

Quantum computational supremacy in the sampling of bosonic random walkers on a one-dimensional lattice

High-precision Physics and Chemistry with Cold Molecules

Deciphering the mechanisms for folding and misfolding in proteins at the single-molecule level

Collective and hydrodynamic behavior in thermal transport

Experiments on dipolar quantum gases of erbium atoms: observation of the roton mode in dipolar BECs and realization of spin mixtures of dipolar fermions

Optical Orbital Angular Momentum



Sharing the Wealth of Expertise: How an Alliance in support of Good Writing ends the war between STEM and the Humanities

Infrared spectroscopy of buffer-gas cooled molecules

The Quantum Way of Doing Computations

Spatial and spin correlations of cold few-body systems

Undecidability of the Spectral Gap in 1D

Propagation of sound in 2D Bose gases

Hidden dynamics in the unfolding of bacteriorhodopsin revealed by ultrafast cantilevers

Intellectual Property Seminar: Using Intellectual Property to Make an Impact

NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter: What’s Inside the Giant Planet?

The Next Generation of Milky Way Survey Science

*Special Seminar* Polarization in spectral lines: a window into the physics of the solar atmosphere

Quantum simulations with cold trapped ions

*Special Seminar* Scaling and data collapse from valence bonds in random quantum magnets

Recent neutrino oscillation and scattering measurements with NOvA

Fast Coherent Differential Imaging for Exoplanet Imaging

Hanbury Brown-Twiss, Hong-Ou-Mandel, and other landmarks in quantum optics : from photons to atoms

Manipulating Energy and Spin in Molecular Semiconductors

Mechanisms for Sustainable Fuel and Chemical Production from First Principles

Chemically- and Structure- correlated Charge Carrier Transport in Nanoscale Materials

The Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Electrons and Holes in Disordered Molecular Semiconductors

How to design a kill switch: Lessons from the AIM2-ASC inflammasome

Structure and function of the yeast spliceosome

*SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM* Hot tips for thermal nanophysics

Probing Many-Body Physics in an Optical Lattice Clock

Core Ion Structures in CO2 and N2O based Cluster Anions Studied by Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopy

Solving protein structure with laser-controlled electron beams

Visualizing ultrafast dynamics in individual nanostructures using pump-probe microscopy

Structure and function of the yeast spliceosome

The angulon quasiparticle: from molecules in superfluids to ultrafast magnetism

The art of nonlinear laser interaction – gateway to novel devices in bulk glasses, optical fibers and transparent films

Jin-Fest: A Celebration of Deborah Jin's Scientific Career

Characterizing Disordered Solids with Electron Microscopy

The first precision measurement of the electron electric dipole moment in trapped molecular ions

Strategies for Effective Mentoring

Resistance is Futile - Superconductors and Superfluids

Climate, Physics, and Probability

Shaken lattice interferometry

Modern Electron Microscopy: Atomic imaging

Publishing chemistry and materials research in Nature: an editor's perspective

Starbursts and AGN as Drivers of the Physical Conditions in the Dense Molecular Gas in Galaxies

Oumuamua --- interstellar asteroid in the Solar System

Harnessing Synthetic Quantum Matter

Universal Random Matrix Spectral Form Factor for Simple Quantum Spin Chains

Higher-order topological superconductors

Operator spreading and the emergence of dissipation in unitary dynamics with conservation laws

Cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy for complex oxide interfaces and beyond

*Special Time/Date* Electron hydrodynamics

An inversion-symmetry-broken order inside the pseudogap region of a cuprate revealed by optical second harmonic generation

Unique signatures in nonequilibrium physics of topological and otherwise unusual systems

Quantum Measurements at LIGO

Testing the Waters of Academia, Industry and Entrepreneurship

Use of vector polarizability to manipulate alkali-metal atoms

Quantum Indistinguishability in Chemical Reactions

Hands-on Python Workshop: Image Analysis in the Jupyter Notebook

Overcoming Diffraction Limitations in Optical Imaging

Cavity mediated collective spin-orbit coupling in an atomic ensemble

Sources of student interest and engagement in Introductory Physics for Life Science (IPLS)

Live Cell Fluorescence Imaging

Observation of optomechanical strain in a cold atomic cloud

Using Physics to Unlock the Secrets of the Brain with Light, the Fastest Thing on Earth

Leadership & Project Management

**Special Date and Time** Anomalous metals - failed superconductors

Chiral anomaly and classical negative magnetoresistnce of Weyl and Dirac metals

Development of Tabletop X-Ray Free Electron Lasers

Fundamental reactions in accidental and intentional oxidation of hydrocarbons

Predicting the Equilibria, Rates, Products, Reaction Networks, and Synthetic Viability of Chemical Reactions

**Note location change** The Promise and Challenges of 3D Super-Resolution Microscopy, Single-Molecule Tracking in Cells, and Trapping of Biomolecules in Solution

Seeing with the nano-eye: imaging structure, coupling, and dynamics on the molecular scale

Molecular orientation and hydrogen bonding at aqueous interfaces

**Note unusual day and time** HST/COS FUV spectroscopy of an Ha-emitting filament in M87, and a physical model for the structure of the filament

Cellular pH dynamics: regulating proteins, pathways, and cell behaviors

Development of Ligand-Based Tools for Manipulating Biology

Cellular memories of a stressful past: Encoding by epigenetic regulation of RNA and other mechanisms

Comprehensive computational design of ordered peptide macrocycles

Who ordered that: what lepton flavor may tell us about the Universe

Mapping Accretion and Ejection in Black Holes

Young Stars in the Time Domain

If you want to learn about physics, watch a black hole consume a star!

Life after Death: Transient Emission from Compact Objects in Galactic Nuclei

Superluminous Supernovae & Other Exotic Explosions

Observing Power-Law Dynamics of Position-Velocity Correlation in Anomalous Diffusion

Windows and Climate Change

Astronomy vs. Atomic Clocks: The Irresistible Force Meets the Immovable Object

Duality symmetry and the superconductor-insulator transition

Interactions and Ecology in High Dimensions

Optical control of protein activity usingengineered photoreceptors

RNA methylation in gene expression regulation

Expansion Microscopy, Optogenetics, and Other Tools for Mapping and Repairing Biological Systems

Understanding Biased Agonism in Receptor Tyrosine Kinases

RNA polymerase: Stop-and-go traffic on the DNA highway

The Quest for a Quantum Spin Liquid

Optical atomic clock: a case study for the quantum technology revolution

From the Einstein-Bohr debate to quantum information: the second quantum revolution

Quantum-limited measurements: One physicist's crooked path from quantum optics to quantum information

Exploring the 3D Nano and Atomic World: Coherent Diffractive Imaging and Atomic Electron Tomography

EPR and spatial-mode entanglement in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates

Superconducting Microresonators: From Astrophysics to Zero-Point Fluctuations

Command of Swimming Bacteria by Liquid Crystals

Dirac, Jordan, and von Neumann: Hilbert space and transformation theory

Zen and the Art of Atomic Physics

Can Evolutionary Dynamics Be Understood Quantitatively?

Discovery and Opportunity in the X-ray Time Domain

Studying Distant Galaxies with Innovative Astronomical Instrumentation

Architecture of Kepler planets: an exoplanet perspective of the Solar system

Constraining the Formation and Evolution of Exoplanets

Exploring the Timing of the Outer Solar System's Orbital Instability

Dissipation induced dipole blockade and anti-blockade in driven Rydberg systems

There Must Be a Better Way": Leveraging the Thousands of Known Systems to Shape Future Exoplanet Study

Unlocking neutrino mysteries with the NOvA experiment

Spiraling energy dispersion of arc states in Weyl semimetals

Adventures in Diversity and Inclusion at Haverford and LSST

Special Day and Time - Topological Quantum Chemistry

Academic Futures Session - Campus Analytical Facilities: Infrastructure for Research adn Education

Academic Futures Session - Academic Administration: From Departments to Degrees

Academic Futures Session - First Year Faculty

Academic Futures Session - Budget Matters

From Weyl semimetals Weyl nodal surfaces

Alpine Ice on Planet Earth: Glaciers and Their Rocky Cousins

Widening the aperture in Promotion and Tenure

Strengthening faculty governance at CU

A new look at the many-body localization transition

The Discovery of the First Kilonova

The Potential Habitability of Rocky Planets Around Red Dwarfs: Stellar Drivers for Atmospheric Chemistry and Stability

Development and Characterization of Improved Red Fluorescent Protein Variants

Bio-inspired white hybrid light-emitting diodes

Ptychography: A story of convergence, coincidence and commercialisation

Computing quantum thermalization dynamics: from quantum chaos to emergent hydrodynamics

Surviving and Thriving as Students of Color in STEM

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Inclusive Excellence: Building an equitable Campus

Nonperturbative RG treatment of amplitude fluctuations for φ^4 topological phase transitions

Disorder driven transitions in the quantum Hall regime

Lattice Quantum Finite Elements (QFE) for Conformal Field Theory

Unlocking neutrino mysteries with the NOvA experiment

SkyHopper Space Telescope - science case and results from pre-phase A study

Quantum Information Scrambling.

Topological winding number measured in a dissipative metamaterial

Emergent Condensed Matter of Fracton Matter

Structural Phase Transitions for Confined Ions

Junctions of weakly-coupled strongly-interacting ultracold systems

Self-bound droplets of a dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate

Widely tunable on-chip microwave circulator for superconducting quantum circuits

Conformations and Dynamics of Protein Molecular Recognition

How Charge Transforms Chemical Bonds at Solid-Liquid Interfaces

Skyrmion Lattices in Random and Ordered Potential Landscapes

Dynamics of monopoles in quantum spin ice

Magnetoelectric effects in noncollinear antiferromagnets

A New Approach for Estimating the Mass of the Milky Way Using the Ensemble of Classical Satellite Galaxies

The Great Space Weather Storm of May 1967: How It Nearly Changed Everything

Emulator technique for efficient MCMC sampling in 21-cm cosmology experiments

APOGEE Chemical Abundances of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy

When must a local Hamiltonian be frustration-free?

Quantum phenomena in nano-devices: investigation and applications

Matter wave interferometers interacting with the external world: decoherence, gravity, complementarity and time irreversibility

Quantum phenomena in nano-devices: investigation and applications

Higher Rank Quantum Spin Liquids: From Fractons to Mach’s Principle

Single-conformation Spectroscopy from the Microwave to the Ultraviol

How Water Moves Through Porous Two-Dimensional Crystals

Universal Aspects of Eigenstate Thermalization

Search for Dark matter using atomic physics methods

First Results from CUORE: Majorana Neutrinos and the Search for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay

From simple to complex atoms for atomic qubits and scalable quantum computing

What's Next in Higgs Physics?

Tests of quantum mechanics and gravitation with atom interferometry

Transient Crosslinkers Tune the Patterns of Microtubule Filaments

Generation and Application of Attosecond Laser Pulses

Broadening the Searchlight: New Ideas in Dark Matter Detection

The Quest for the New Standard Model: Searching for BSM Physics with Rare-Isotope Beams

ColdQuanta Incorporated: The History and Future of a University Spinoff Company

Enabling Technology Innovation through Plasma Modeling: Sustainability and Biotechnology as the Next Frontiers

What are Saturn’s rings made of?

Violation of the Fundamental Symmetries, Variations of Fundamental Constants and Search for Dark matter

Passive and deterministic photon-atom gates

Toward Integrated Atom-Interferometry: Guides, a Beamsplitter, and a Switch

New tools for precision measurement and quantum science with narrow linewidth optical transitions

LIVE Solar Eclipse information & Viewing!

Microscopy of atomic Fermi-Hubbard systems in new regimes

Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Organic Aromatic Anions

Attosecond Science in Slow Motion: Simulating Strong-field Physics with Ultracold Atoms

Non-equilibrium phase transition and bistability in driven-dissipative superfluid

STScI missions including JWST

From Astrophysics to Data Science

Molecules for Single Photons

The many body localization transition: A dynamical phase transition triggered by a quantum avalanche

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope

New Moons Beyond Neptune: Exploring the companions of worlds within the Kuiper Belt

Atom interferometry on narrow intercombination transitions of alkali-earth atoms

Galaxy Mergers on FIRE-2

APS Colloquium Introduction

Excitons, Disorder, and Nonequilibrium Transport in Semiconductor Nanomaterials

Compartmentalization of biomolecules and reactions by liquid-liquid phase coexistence

Adventures in Anion Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Symmetry, degeneracy, and strong correlation

Toward the Control of Oscillator Strength and Electron Transfer Dynamics in Molecules

Multiphase Chemistry in Indoor Environments

Ultrafast terahertz Spectroscopy of Liquids and Hydrogen Bonded Clusters

Quantum Simulation and Spectroscopy of Entanglement Hamiltonians

Observations of exoplanets and exoplanet atmospheres

The continuing saga of supergranulation

Laser development for X-ray generation

Power, Grace, Wisdom, and Wonder: The Physics of The Game of Thrones!

Much Ado About Absolute Zero!

The Chemistry of Cooking!

Immunity in Health & Disease: Superheros Within

A Visit with Madame Cure; Special 150th Anniversary of Curie's Birth!

Elucidating Reaction Kinetics with Time-Resolved Frequency Comb Spectroscopy

Detection of bulk topological features in real time

Scaling relations between supermassive Black Holes in the center of galaxies and the properties of their host galaxy

Development of the Kepler Exoplanet Mission

Detecting correlations in deterministically prepared quantum states with single-atom imaging

Magneto-optical trapping and sub-Doppler cooling of CaF molecules

From N+1 to N+N: exploring repulsive many-body states with ultracold spin mixtures

Murmurs from Dormant Black Holes: The Theory and Observation of Tidal Disruption Events

Planet Nine from Outer Space: Status Update

Enhanced optical and electric manipulation of a quantum gas of KRb molecules

**Note Unusual Day** Shape Selection in Thin Films: From Liquid-Crystal Elastomers to Self-Assembled Aggregates

**Special Graduate Careers Seminar**

How to tie a (linear optical) field into a knot

New frontiers for topological semimetals

Localization and symmetry breaking in the quantum quasiperiodic Ising chain

Constraining Planet Formation with Directly Imaged Exoplanets

Resolving Black Holes in Space and Time

Multiple Messengers from the Universe: Gravitational Waves and Light from Neutron Star Mergers

Characterizing the Environments of Habitable Exoplanets

Hunting the smallest flares: the first focused hard X-ray observations of the Sun

The Origin of Supermassive Black Holes

Pushing Down and Out: characterizing hot Jupiters in detail and expanding into new regimes

The Royal Road, Redux: Eclipses and Transits in the Era of Gaia and TESS

A self-consistent model of the Near Surface Shear Layer in the Solar Convection Zone; dynamics, simulations, and results

Super-Eddington Stellar Winds: Unifying radiative-enthalpy vs. flux-driven models

Multiparty entanglement, random codes, and quantum gravity

Resonantly Interacting Degenerate Bose Gas Oddities

High-Resolution, Quantitative, and Three-Dimensional Coherent Diffractive Imaging with a Tabletop EUV Source

The Remarkable Ways in Which Gases Dissolve and React in Water

Generation and detection of tunable orbital angular momentum in polarization-maintaining optical fiber

Episodic accretion events in protoplanetary disks due to Hall dead zones

Debris disks and stellar emission at mm/cm wavelengths

Multimode nanomechanics in conservative and non-conservative force fields

Amplitude sensing below the zero-point fluctuations with a two-dimensional trapped-ion mechanical oscillator

A Catalog of Quasar Proper Motions to Detect the Secular Aberration Drift and Measure the Collapse of Large-Scale Structure.

Disk Detective: a search for new debris disks in the AllWISE catalog.

*Note different time* Moderate Luminosity AGN as Drivers of Feedback

RG flow equations and Quantum Gravity

Reshaping the solar spectrum using exciton fission and fusion in organic semiconductors

Dark matter searches: from WIMPs to axio

Extracting the spectrum of the highly redshifted (10 < z < 35) 21-cm background from foregrounds

Upper bounds on the one-way and two-way distillable entanglement from suitable convex decompositions

One, Two, Three, Many: the lifetime of an ultracold Bose-Fermi mixture

Many-body physics in long-range interacting dissipative systems

Spin-motion coupling in cold atomic gases

Converting quantum information to mechanical motion

Quantum Path Interference in HHG and Controlled Free-Induction Decay

A Fermi-degenerate 3D optical lattice clock

Dual Bose-Fermi Superfluids

Quantum measurement backaction and upconverting microwave signals with mechanical resonators

Search for new physics with atomic clocks

Deconfined Phases and Phase Transitions in a Simple Model

Upper bounds on the one-way and two-way distillable entanglement from suitable convex decompositions

Particle-conserving topological superfluids and the fate of Majoranas

Quantum dynamics of strongly interacting dipolar systems

Correlations in many-body dipolar systems: atom mirrors and superradiance

Solar Surface Magnetism: A Window into our Star's Interior, Past, Present, and Future

Electric Fields on the Sun: How Can We Determine Them and Why Should We Care?

The solar-stellar connection from core to corona: current progress and future prospects with the DKIST

Investigating the Momentum Processes of Solar Eruptions Using Photospheric Magnetic Field Observations

Solar Active Region Magnetic Structure and Explosions: Sunspots, Coronal Heating, and Coronal Mass Ejection

Thin Film Photovoltaics from Earth Abundant Materials: The Good, The Bad and The Promise

Quantum State-Resolved Collision Dynamics of Nitric Oxide at Ionic Liquid and Molten Metal Surfaces

Supersymmetry: Aspirations and Prospects

A Physicist and Some Complex Oxides Driven Out of Equilibrium

Picosecond time resolution at the nanometer scale: combining ultrafast lasers with atomic force microscopy

Special seminar: The Youngest Star Clusters: Birth Clouds & Death Shrouds

First results from the HAYSTAC axion search

NOTE: Unusual day and location - Exploring LittleBig Planet Atmospheres

Studying Many-Body Physics using a Trapped Ion Quantum Simulator

The Climate and Habitability of Terrestrial Extrasolar Planets Orbiting M-dwarf Stars

Searching for Molecular Absorption in Hot Jupiter Atmospheres using IGRINS at McDonald Observatory

Challenges and prospects of spectral retrieval for exoplanets

Looking for Fossils of the Big Bang in Molecular Spectra

Seeds of Supermassive Black Holes at High Redshifts

The Solar System’s Hidden Frost Line

Modeling of exoplanet atmospheres

Imaging the Surface States of a Strongly Correlated Topological Insulator

Building a Proportional Cell: Lessons from Physics

Structure and Dynamics with Ultrafast Electron Microscopes… or how to make atomic-level movies of molecules and materials

Thermoelectrics and Thermoelectric Materials

Tunable Materials and Metasurfaces – from Quantum to Perfect

Fracton topological orders

Measuring Molecular Cloud Properties from Galactic Dust Continuum Emission Surveys

Observation of the Spin-Mott Insulating Ground State of the Spin-1 Heisenberg Model

Ultracold Fermi Gases: From Strongly Interacting Superfluids to Mott Insulators

Building quantum materials with superconducting circuits

Special Physics Colloquium: Unlocking neutrino mysteries with the NOva experiment

Signatures of AGN Feedback

Top quarks & beyond at the Large Hadron Collider

Strategies for searches of physics beyond the Standard Model in the XXI century

Physics at the LHC: Why and How to go Beyond the Higgs Discovery

Planets in a Bottle: Exploring Planetary Atmospheres in a Lab

Ghosts of atmospheres past: modeling atmospheric formation and evolution on rocky planets

Ice Ice Baby: Exploring Icy Worlds with Space Robots

A combined astronomic-geologic approach to understanding planet formation

Robust concurrent entanglement of two remote superconducting qubit modules

Lattice Quantum Finite Elements (QFE) for Conformal Field Theory

Surprising Solar Flares: Studying the Sun as a Star

Ghost Imaging with Atoms

Microscopy of interacting ions and neutrals in optical arrays

Synthesizing, controlling, and probing quantum states through microscopy

Atomic Collapse in Graphene

The Origin of Entropy in Materials

STM studies of topological materials

Superconductivity mediated by quantum critical antiferromagnetic fluctuations: the rise and fall of hot spots

High-Capacity Optical Communications using Multiplexing of Multiple Orbital-Angular-Momentum Beams

Special Seminar: The physical epigenome: Quantitative approaches to characterize epigenetic systems

Special Seminar: Biosynthesis of a novel nucleoside: are two cofactors better than one?

Special Seminar: CryoEM structure of Tetrahymena telomerase: insights into functions and interactions of the subunits

Special Seminar: Design of self-assembling protein nanomaterials for vaccines and biologics delivery

Special Seminar: Biological assembly of macromolecular machines: insights into ribosome biogenesis

Probing local quantities in a strongly interacting Fermi gas and the construction of an ultracold Fermi gas apparatus

Nanoscopic atomic lattices with light mediated interactions

The Difficult Search for CP Violation in Neutrinos

Searching for Supersymmetry at the LHC

15 Years of PhET Interactive Simulations: Cycles of Innovation, Learning, and Impact

Levy flights of photons in atomic vapours

Toward Cold Radical Chemistry with Cryogenic Buffer Gas Beams

Chains of atoms coupled to a nanofiber waveguide

Narrowband Biphotons: Generation, Manipulation, and Applications

Advanced Optical Microscopies for Cell Bioimaging

Progress of modern low frequency instruments towards a successful EoR HI detection

The Most Massive Black Holes in the Local Universe

Big Bang to Biosignatures: The LUVOIR Decadal Mission Concept

Solar Radio Imaging Spectroscopy - New Techniques, New Insights

Multiphase Gas Flows in Gaseous Galaxy Halos

Hearing the Stars: New Insights into Stellar Interiors from Asteroseismology

Observational Assessment of Steller Feedback in Nearby Galaxies

Making Sense of Stellar Rotation Observed with Kepler: Gyrochronology, Magnetism, and a Sun in Transition

Extreme Physics Inside Black Holes

Dynamics across Many-Body Localization transition

Dynamics of Quantum Entanglement

Ultracold few body states in the presence of a Floquet drive

C-H bond Activation by Metal Oxides and Metal Carbides - Theory and Experiment in Concert

A Multi-dimensional Approach to Track Molecular Dynamics at Extreme Scales

From Nanowires to Nanoplatelets: Designing Semiconductor Morphology so Form Follows Function

Chemistry in Extreme Environments

Single-Molecule Spectroscopy with Molecular Catalysts, Conductive Polymers, and Optical Microresonators

Infrared ion spectroscopy as an analytical tool: promises and challenges

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Ecology

Life at the Single Molecule Level

Light, Electrons, and Protons: Lessons from Model Systems and Potentials for Photocatalysis

Auger recombination in III-V semiconductors

The Astrochemist's Sand Box Is Still Made of Silicon

Undecidability of the spectral gap

Hamiltonian Simulation and Universal Quantum Hamiltonians

Controlling Spins in Space and Time

Synthetic Quantum Systems: Quantum Metrology “and” Phononic Lamb Shift for bound Bose polarons

Searching for axion and hidden photon dark matter with lumped element electromagnetic resonators and SQUIDs

Quantum Metrology with Bose Einstein Condensates

Physical Mechanisms of Cell Organization on Micron Length Scales

Adventures in the RNA World: Past, Present and Future

Giant Protein Assemblies in Nature and by Design

A physical map of a human cell

Preventing Diseases with Vaccines

The 1,358,954,496 Matrix Elements to Get From SUSY Diff EQ’s to Pictures, Codes, Card Games, Music, Computers, and Back Again

Gravitational Waves, Colliding Black Holes, And Tornadoes In Space-Time: The Dawn Of A New Astronomy

Extending the Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorem to arbitrary space groups

Probing Ionization Dynamics with Attosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy

Optical-parametric oscillators: Widely tunable laser-light sources for the visible, NIR and IR

Quantum-Enhanced Measurements with Atoms in Cavities

Attosecond spectroscopy for probing fast electron correlations and coupled structrural dynamics in molecules

The Success and the Science of the Student-Built MinXSS Solar CubeSat

Mass Loss, Dust Formation, and the Astrophysics of the Galactic Novae

A low-temperature external cavity diode laser for broad wavelength tuning

Special Seminar - Monte Carlo Neutrino Transport in Supernovae and GRBs

Particle Settling in Turbulence

Precision Spectroscopy in engineered subspaces

Toward a Molecular Understanding of Proliferating, Quiescent and Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts

Overcoming chromatin impediments to cell fate changes

Sirtuins and novel PTMs in cancer

Interpreting heterogeneity in cancer drug response and resistance

A hitchhiker’s guide: How proteins cooperate to regulate mRNA synthesis

Long range dipolar interactions in trapped-ion chains

Equality of certain bulk wave functions and edge correlations in d=2 and 3

Special Colloqiuium: The Physics of Non-Hydrodynamic Modes

Fermion mass generation without Spontaneous symmetry breaking

Forgotten Foundations: Lost Legacy of Women in Physics and Astronomy

Plasma Wakefield Acceleration: Extending the Energy Frontier for Leptons

Lattice study of large Nc QCD

Strongly interacting Bose gases

Exploiting Disorder for Global and Local Response

On string theory, particle physics and cosmology

Shared vibrations: How photosynthetic light harvesting approaches 100% efficiency

The death of galaxies and the growth of supermassive black holes: implications for galaxy evolution and tidal disruption events

Limits on storage of quantum information in a volume of space

Universal Low-Lying Entanglement Spectrum of Symmetry Protected Topological (SPT) Phases, Conformal Field Theory, and Baxter's Corner Transfer Matrix in Integrable Systems

Transport and Localization in many-body nuclear spin systems

A synthetic quantum magnet made of hundreds of trapped ions

Apples vs. Oranges: online vs. brick-and-mortar courses

Emergent equilibrium in many-body cavity QED

Large-scale environment and the CGM: the hidden variables of galaxy transformation?

Absence of Quantum Time Crystals

The Dynamics of the Local Group: Challenges to Convention in the Era of Precision Astrometry

Gas and Dust Evolution in Protoplanetary Disks: Building the Bridge between Models and Observations

Observations of Quasar Feedback

One Mars Year: Results from MAVEN’s Imaging UltraViolet Spectrograph

Probing inflation and neutrino mass with next-generation Cosmic Microwave Background experiments

Observations of the Sun at Big Bear Solar Observatory – Some Recent Adventures

Revealing the Diversity and Formation of Super-Earth Exoplanets

Solar Flares - How the Sun Relaxes

From Protoplanetary Disks to Exoplanets: How Do Planets Form and Evolve?

Physics and Phenomenology of Galactic Winds

Disks, Jets and Shocks in the Wisconsin Plasma Astrophysics Laboratory

Fast Radio Bursts: The Story So Far

The Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury: Using Stars to Understand Dust

Has the Martian atmosphere disappeared over time?

Atom-by-atom control and readout for studying spin-motional dynamics and entanglement in neutral atom arrays

Quantum thermalization through entanglement

Not All Who Wander are Lost: Supermassive Black Hole Mergers and Dual AGN in the Romulus Simulations

Local and Global Instabilities in Radiatively Driven Mass Loss

For Very Big to Very Small...Microscopy and the Powers of Ten

The Chemistry of Energy

One Fish, Two Fish...Fluorescent Red & Green Squish

Superheros and Villains!

The Chemistry of the Atmosphere

Surfing with a Mathematician: Nonlinear Waves & Fluids

Wolf-Rayet Stars in the Local Group Galaxies

Robust non-Abelian phases and continuous quantum phase transitions in a half-filled bilayer graphene Landau level

Symmetry constraints and topological phases far from equilibrium

Ultrafast Charge Dynamics and Transport in Atomically thin 2D Nanostructures and Heterostructure

Avoided quantum criticality and single particle excitations in weakly disordered Weyl semimetals

What’s next after Moore’s law: quantum computing

The physics of cell division

A Bridge Too Far: The Demise of the Superconducting Super Collide

From BEC to CEO: the Entrepreneurial Experience

Tragic tale of the mathematical genius Ramanujan

Cosmic Dust Research at the Colorado Dust Accelerator

NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter: What’s Inside the Giant Planet?

Detection & Physical Characterization of Individual Molecules with Single Nanometer-Scale Pores

Strange stuff: a second quantum revolution

Sub 100-fs, 5.2-micron ZGP Parametric Amplifier Driven by a ps Ho:YAG Chirped Pulse Amplifier and its application to high harmor

Illusion & Reality: The Science of Perception

EUV Laser Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Mass Selected Neutral Clusters and Molecules

Ice nucleation in the atmosphere: a molecular perspective

Condon Lecture: Ozone Depletion at the Ends of the Earth: A Science and Policy Success Story

Ultrafast Nanoscopy of Energy and Charge Transport

Probing the structure and solvation of catalytic reaction intermediates

Chemistry and Physics of Single-Molecule Circuits

DNA’s Day in the Sun: How the Double Helix Avoids Photodamage

Direct Links Between Organic Aerosol Particle Surfaces and Cloud Activation

Direct Links Between Organic Aerosol Particle Surfaces and Cloud Activation

Boron in functional materials: clusters, catalysis, superhard alloys

Light-Induced Nonadiabatic Dynamics in Molecules and Nanostructures

Finite range effects on the Efimov spectrum resulting from a deep square well potential

Ultrastable lasers based on cryogenic silicon resonators

Ultrafast studies of surface plasmon dynamics: from fundamentals to applications

Dynamics of Quenched Ultracold Quantum Gases

“Cooling-quenches” for shifting entropy elsewhere

Stark and Zeeman Spectroscopy of Open Shell Molecular Complexes in Helium Nanodroplets

Rethinking Black Hole Accretion Discs

Large scale structures and dynamics in planet-forming discs

Using lasers to manipulate and visualize single DNA molecules: DNA repair in action

Extreme subwavelength multilayer structures

Strong Field Ionization of Atoms Irradiated with Two-Color Circularly Polarized Femtosecond Laser Fields: Rescattering in a Whole New Dimension

Ferromagnetism of a repulsive Fermi gas

Few-body insights into the fractional quantum Hall effect

Dynamics of a ground-state cooled ion colliding with ultra-cold atoms

Quantum systems far from equilibrium: From Rydberg spin models to Bose gases

Cold chemistry with cold molecules

Towards Quantum Simulation with magnetic lattaices

Extreme ultraviolet frequency combs for precision measurement and strong-field physics

Majorana fermions in noisy Kitaev wires

**Special Seminar** Turbulence and Random Geometry

Ultrafast laser-driven processes in magnetic materials: A theoretical perspective

The high-energy radiation and particle environment around M dwarfs with planets

Towards the characterization of potentially habitable planets with high resolution spectroscopy

Low-energy effective action for pions and a dilatonic meson

**Special Seminar** Guiding Chemical Microswimmers with Patterned Surfaces

Biotronics: Biotechnology for Electronic & Photonic Applications

Ultrafast fiber lasers beyond the Yb gain bandwidth

Photodissociation of a diatomic molecule in the quantum regime reveals ultracold chemistry

Coherent manipulation of Rydberg atoms close to surfaces at cryogenic temperatures

Driven many-body localized systems

Particle acceleration in MHD turbulence

A quantum gas of polar molecules in an optical lattice

Fibonacci & The Golden Ratio: Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Experimental loophole-free violation of a Bell inequality using entangled electron spins separated by 1.3 km

Frequency Combs for Precision Spectroscopy in the XUV

Superfluid-to-Mott-Insulator Transition with long-range dipole-dipole interaction

Nonlinear dynamics and phase space flows to understand the phase behavior of motor protein motion on antiparallel filaments

*Special Colloquium* Testing the fundamental nature of neutrinos with double beta decay

Polarimetry: Pinning down the Sun's magnetism

The Optical and Near-Ultraviolet Continuum Emission in Stellar Flares

The Mg II lines as a window into the solar atmosphere

**Special Location** Lunch with John Grunsfeld

Angular momentum transport in spintronics

Mars: The Planet that Lost an Ocean’s worth of Water

Astrophysical Implications of the LIGO Detections

An Introduction to Bell Tests and Inequalities in the Context of the Recent Loophole-Free Experimental Tests of Local Realism

**Special Colloquium** Jet and photon probes of hot, dense nuclear matter at the Large Hadron Collider

**Special Colloquium** Nature's Keys: Two of the Fundamental Plasma Processes that Unlock our World

A squeezed light source for Advanced LIGO

Special Time - Fast Radio Bursts as Probes of the Intergalactic Medium

Live Streaming - LIGO collaboration press conference

**Special Seminar** Smectics and colloidal crystals: theory, simulation, and experimental data of defect structures

Coulomb Blockade of Electron Transport through a Proximitized Nanowire

Hunting for extraterrestrial superfluids

Tensor networks for quantum many-body systems

**Special Physics Colloquium** Imaging the Physics of Magnetically Confined Fusion

Taming Molecular Collisions

**Special Time & Location** Supernovae and their Progenitor Systems (or lack thereof)

Frontier Science with the James Webb Space Telescope

Extreme Core-collapse Supernovae in Three Dimensions

The importance of being eccentric: Stars and gas in the Galactic center

Dark and Light at Cosmic Dawn

The role of resonances in the evolution of planetary systems

The Dynamic Lives of Supermassive Black Holes in Merging Galaxies

Constraints on Planet Formation from Kepler’s Multiple Planet Systems

The fastest astronomical photometers

Spin current: the torque wrench of spintronics

Probing Planets at Several AU with Microlensing

Small Planets, Cool Stars and New Atmospheres

A First Glimpse of the Diversity of Low-Mass Planets

Spin transport, condensation, and superfluidity in magnetic insulators

Challenges and Benefits of Equity and Inclusion for Academic Succes

Laser stabilization and sensing applications based on whispering-gallery-mode resonator

From Hot Boson Stars to Cold Fermion Atoms: A Holographic Model for BCS-BEC Crossover and Pseudogap

Nonlinear dynamics in quark antiquark potential in AdS/CFT

Probing Hot Nuclear Matter with Heave Quarks at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider

Jet Quenching in Heavy-Ion Collisions : Probing the Perfect Liquid

Probing the quark-gluon plasma with light-flavor hadrons with the ALICE detector at the LHC

**Special Rescheduled Colloquium** Studying the Dark Side of the Nucleus: From Neutron Skins to Neutron Stars

Topological soft matter: from confined blue phases to fibers decorated by nematic drops

Cosmic Archaeology with 21-cm Signal

Atomic physics meets nanophotonics: creating complex quantum states of matter and light

Spectroscopy of Interacting Quasiparticles in Trapped Ions

Immunity in Health and Disease: An Army Within

BOOM! The Physics of Sound & Music

The Liquid Crystals Wizard Show!

The Chemistry of Cooking

*Special Seminar* Many-body localization beyond eigenstates in all dimensions

Dynamical topological phases in periodically driven systems

Electronic Structure and Excitonic Interactions in Graphene Quantum Dots

Many-body localization and symmetry protected topology

Strongly-Correlated Topological Kondo Insulators

Atomic Dynamics via meV-Resolution X-Ray Scattering: New Results on High-Temperature Superconductors

Ultrafast carrier dynamics in graphene and graphene nanostructures

Connecting genomics and dynamic cell signaling

Probing band topology of semimetals via nonlocal response

High-pressure mineral and condensed matter work

Lessons of the warm Pliocene – Melding knowledge from geology and physics

Quantum simulations: from condensed matter to high energy models

Chaos and Thermalization in Many-Body Quantum Systems

Investigative Science Learning Environment: Turning our students into collaborative participants in the practice of physics

Simulating QCD at non-zero matter density

From atoms to brains: Microfabricated atomic sensors for non-invasive magnetic brain imaging?

Oxygen: Tracer of Star Formation in, and Gas Ejection from, a Galaxy

Numerical cosmological gas simulations.

Dynamo Activity in Strongly Magnetized Accretion Disks

Theoretical investigation of low-temperature autooxidation chemistry at the molecular level

Condon Lecture - Self-assembled plasmonic structures

Explorations in Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer

The Mechanism of Singlet Fission in Organic Chromosphores: A Theoretical Study

Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Catalysis and Energy Conversion

Understanding the Vibrational Spectroscopy of Bulk and Nanoconfined Liquids

Nuclear and electronic quantum fluctuations in hydrogen bonded systems: from atmospheric science to enzyme catalysis

Applications of Optical Cavities and Combs in Atmospheric Chemistry

Overcoming obstacles: Single-molecule studies of DNA repair

The Interfacial Chemistry of Organic Aerosols

Structure, Dynamics, and Disorder in Excited States of Photoresponsive Conjugated Materials

New Approaches to Simulating Biological and Molecular Catalysts

New Avenues for Ultraspecific Chemical and Chiral Analysis via Microwave Spectroscopy

Engineering Ultra-cold Quantum Technologies

Spin Orbitronics: towards low power spin based devices

Measuring the Electron Electric Dipole Moment with Trapped Molecular Ions

Towards high-resolution spectroscopy with high harmonic generation in highly charged ions

Growing black holes: from the first seeds to active galactic nuclei

Anharmonic Dynamics in Liquid Water Explored With Time-Resolved Broadband Multidimensional IR Spectroscopy

Exploring the Macroscopic Quantum Physics of Motion with Superfluid He-4

How can we understand non-equilibrium many-body steady states?

Seminar: Exploring the Macroscopic Quantum Physics

Gas Accretion at the Disk-Halo Interface of M33

**Special Seminar** On the origin and evolution of galactic magnetic fields

Lattice tests of beyond Standard Model dynamics

A Dawn Mission to Ceres and Vesta

Conjugated Ligands for Tuning Bandgaps and Work-Functions of Hybrid Quantum Dots and Oxide Electrode

A Visit with Madame Curie

A criterion for many-body localization-delocalization phase transition

On the phase structure on driven quantum systems

Harnessing Quantum Systems with Long-Range Interactions

Structured light for atomic physics

Benjamin Greer Thesis Defense

Exploring the Dynamics of Near-Surface Solar Convection with Helioseismology

Bose polarons and rotating gases in an ultracold Bose-Fermi gas mixture of 40K and 87Rb atom

**Special Seminar** Chiral spin liquid in kagome antiferromagnets and its physical origin

Lattice tests of beyond Standard Model dynamics

Random Matrix Theory of Thermalization in Floquet Systems

Solar prominences: bringing space-based and ground-based observations together

But wait! There's more! A Wealth of Science from Millisecond Pulsars

Classical loop models and quantum phase transitions

New quantum orders and architectures from interacting Majorana fermions

Theory of quantum fluctuating superconductivity in incoherent metals

Geometric ``charge'' pumping with a Bose-Einstein condensate

Interaction of Ferromagnetic and Superconducting Permanent Magnets: Superconducting Levitation

From free-flying fullerenes to nanoelectromechanical devices

Detecting Fee Carriers in Polymer and Nanoscale Systems using Microwave Conductivity

Turbulence in Space and Astrophysical Plasmas

Controlling, measuring and displacing the trapped-ion oscillator

Gas-filled hollow optical fibers for novel lasers and portable frequency references

Whispers & Bangs! The Physics of Sound & Music

Evolution and Signatures of Primordial Magnetic Fields

Dipolar quantum gases of strongly magnetic Erbium atoms

How old are Saturn’s rings, what is going on within Saturn’s moon Enceldadus, and how dust measurements help to answer these questions

From Cheesesteaks to Semi Fabs – Advanced Spectroscopic Solutions for the Industrial World

Evolution of the Early-Earth Biosphere as Seen through Stable and Radiogenic Isotope Systems

The Structure of the Heliosphere Revisited: Magnetized Jets Driven by the Sun

Exploring magnetism and chemistry with a trapped-ion quantum simulator

Detection of plasmonic evanescent field

Rationally Designed Fluorogenic Protease Reporters Visualize Spatiotemporal Dynamics Of Apoptosis In Vivo

**Special Seminar** The CO Power Spectrum Survey (COPSS)

Probing the Nature of Accretion in Protoplanetary disks

Characterization of Cosmic Dawn through Observations of the Redshifted 21-cm Line with EDGES

Many-body laser cooling in optical cavities

Hidden spin polarization in materials with inversion symmetry: causes and consequences

Intrinsic transparent conductors and other oxide news: insights from theory

How Electron Cryotomography is Opening a New Window into Microbial Ultrastructure

Looking for Dark Matter with Atomic Clocks and Gravitational Wave Detectors

**Special Seminar** Evidence in favor of the density wave wave theory of galactic spiral arms

The Dream of Fields: Magnetism in Cool Stars, Brown Dwarfs, and (Eventually) Exoplanets

Many-body localization

Hints of Non-hydro Modes in Ultracold Fermi Gases

Phononics and Thermal Metamaterials

Structure and Mechanism of the Beta-Barrel Assembly Machine

The search for faint high-mass X-ray binaries among hard X-ray sources in the Norma spiral arm

Kerr black holes with scalar hair

**Special Seminar** Manitoba Trilogy of Spin Rectification vs Spin Pumping

**Special Condensed Matter Seminar** Liquid crystal surfaces: topographical dynamics and preferred absorbtion

New Insight into Signaling Complexes at the Mitochondria and Neuronal Synapse via APEX-based Live Cell Proteomic Mapping

Finding Surprises in Hard to see Places: Unusual Adsorption and Solvation Behaviors at Buried Interfaces

Adventures in nanoland - how is a nanoscopic liquid droplet different from bulk liquid?

Thirty Meter Telescope: The Next Generation of Ground Based Optical/Infra Red Observatory

Bringing Bioelectricity To Light

Enzymatic Transition States in Drug Design and Protein Dynamics

MegaRNPs and Monosomes: Reassessing Structure and Function

The Versatile Beta Barrel Gives Up Secrets of the Membrane

IDPs on the Brain: The Role of Disordered Proteins and their

Metabolic, Electrical, And Mechanical Control Of Cell Growth

Fusion and Fission in the Regulation of Mitochondrial Function

Flipping the Anaphase Switch: How the APC Drives the Cell through Mitosis

Seeing is Believing: The Snapshots During Glucose Uptake

Nutrient Regulation of Signaling and Transcription by O-GlcNAcylation​

Building a Mosquito Sensory System to Hunt Humans

RNA-protein Regulatory Networks

Dynamics of Cancer Pathways in Single Cells

Separated at Birth, the Evolution of Kinase Dynamics Over a Billion Years Reveals a Modern Cancer Drug’s Mechanism

How Electron Cryotomography is Opening a New Window into Microbial Ultrastructure

Human eIF3: The Mediator of Translation

The Physics of Phagocytosis: How Polymerizing Polymers Drive Cell Engulfment of Particles

The Department of Physics and the German V-2 Legacy

BEC to BCS crossover picture for high-Tc cuprate and unconventional superconductors, and pairing due to comparable spin-charge energy scales: message from muons and neutrons

Pentaquarks: Quark Model Revisited

Coherent and incoherent approaches to atomtronics

Measurement driven modeling of quantum and classical dynamical systems

Quantum and classical criticality in dimerized quantum antiferromagnets

Watching individual molecules flex within lipid membranes using SERS

Controlling Rydberg atoms in dense gase

Submillimeter galaxies in the ALMA era

AGN Coronae in the NuSTAR Era

CMB spectral distortion

Frustration and Correlations in Stacked Triangular Lattice Ising Antiferromagnets

The Search for 100 Earths

The Water Surface: Complex, Dynamic and Wet

From QCD to Physical Resonances

Family Symmetry and the μ-term

Precipitation and Galaxy Evolution

Frontier Science with the James Webb Space Telescope

Excitons in Semiconductor Quantum Wells Studied Using Two-Dimensional Coherent Spectroscopy

Ultrafast Laser Systems for Water Window Attosecond Science

Much Ado About Absolute Zero

Slow electrons from fast activation with intense laser pulses

Inside the Nature Publishing Group

Demonstration of Deterministic Photon-Photon Interactions

Programming colloidal self-assembly: Colloids with directional and DNA-mediated interactions

Water Storage in Planetary Interiors: Hydrogen Incorporation in High Pressure Minerals

The New Horizons Mission to Pluto: First Results

Collective atomic motion and spin in a driven optical cavity

The creation of ultracold RbCs molecules in the rovibrational ground state

Many body localization: new insights from theory and experiment

Mad cows and crazy proteins: understanding how the prion protein folds and misfolds at the single molecule level

Experiments and Theory on Second-Order Magneto-Electric Nonlinearities

The Shining High-Energy Universe as a Plasma Astrophysicist's Playground

Quantum thermalization and many-body Anderson localization

Interferometry in a strong light

Changing his Mind at the Speed of Thought: Einstein's Failed Attempts to Undiscover Gravitational Waves

Magnon excitations in spinor Bose gases: optics, thermometry and condensation

Asteroseismic Properties of 16 Cyg A and B from the Complete Kepler Data Set

Sun-like Magnetic Cycles in the Fast-Rotating Young Solar Analog HD 3049

Simulation and control of complex quantum systems

Investigating the Dynamics of 1D Excitons in Semiconductor Quantum Wires

The Dynamics of Protons in Liquid Water Viewed through Ultrafast IR Spectroscopy

Some Hidden Facts about Chemistry in the Solid-State

Probing Reaction Dynamics with Rotational Spectroscopy

Short stories in membrane biophysics of how complex behavior arises from minimal components

Exploring Gas-Liquid Interfaces with Ballistic Helium Evaporation

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks: Adventures in flowing afterglow research

Single molecule absorption spectroscopy detected by STM

Suborbital Demonstrations of Starshades

The Galactic Central Molecular Zone is full of hot molecular gas

First-order magnetic quantum phase transitions in Mott Insulators and itinerant magnets, and recovery of second order behavior by disorder

Subdiffusion and signaling in heterogeneous lipid membranes

Zombie Vortex Instabilities: Resurrecting the Dead Zones of Protoplanetary Disks

Crumpling and Wrinkling of Polymers and Membranes

Anomalous Hall effect with massive Dirac fermions

The Role of Gas Outflows and Inflows in Galaxy Evolution

Falling Asteroids: Science Treasures or Human Threat?

On the origin of comets as revealed by the Rosetta mission

Harmonic Oscillator State Synthesis by Reservoir Engineering

Harmonic Oscillator State Synthesis by Reservoir

All Planets Great and Small

Synchronization and Sensing with Steady State Superradiance and Spin Squeezing

Interferometric measurements of attosecond time-delays in photoionization of Argon via a Fano resonance

Frequency Tunable Surface Magneto Elastic Wav

Production, Deceleration, and Detection of OH Radicals

Observation of a Persistent Non-Equilibrium State in an Extremely Isotropic Harmonic Potential

CDW's, Superconductivity, and Magnetism: Understanding Materials Properties Through Electronic Structure

New Horizons: The Exploration of the Pluto System

Whodunnit? A Deep Study of the Origin and Nature of Circumgalactic QSO absorbers

The Space Photometry Revolution of Asteroseismology & Exoplanets

The Scientific Wealth of Total Solar Eclipse Observations

Understanding Coronal Energy Release Mechanisms Through Improved Remote Sensing Instrumentation

The Surprisingly Dynamic Last Years in the Lives of Massive Stars

The Journey of High-Energy Photons in Blazar Jets

Confronting the Standard Model with Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

Exploring Galaxy Feeding and Feedback with SDSS-IV/MaNGA

Quantum Optomechanics with Engineered Membrane Resonators

Ebb and flow of superfluids: Bose-Einstein condensates far from equilibrium

Cryogenic Research tutorial Seminar

Brandon Ruzic's thesis defense

Dusty tails of evaporating exoplanets

Tara Drake's thesis defense

Cavity optomechanics with feedback and flu

Numerical Relativity and AdS/CFT

Laser-cooling atoms to indistinguishability: Atomic Hong-Ou-Mandel interference and entanglement through spin-exchange

ARPES and Spin-Orbital Texture of Topological Insulators Bi2X3 (X=Se,Te)

Tabletop Coherent Diffraction Imaging using Ultrafast High-Harmonic Beams

Harnessing Laser-Driven Quantum Dynamics for Creating and Controlling Coherent X-rays

The Laser Cooling and Magneto-Optical Trapping of the YO Molecule

ASML - Smaller, Faster, Greener

The Physics of Astronomical Polarization

Studying Planets from the Inside Out with Exoplanetary Magnetic Fields

Entangling Thousands of Atoms

Development of tools for quantum engineering using individual atoms: optical nanofibers and controlled Rydberg interactions

Quantum Optics of Chiral Spin Networks

The LiHe molecule and other cryogenic oddities

First Experimental Limit on the EDM of Radium-225

The Second Generation Strontium Optical Lattice Clock at JILA

Surprises in solar physics from the point of view of Newton and Maxwell

Rethinking basic concepts of solar convection and sunspot formation

Many-Body Quantum Dynamics at High Temperatures in Nuclear Spin Systems

Super- and sub-Chandrasekhar limiting mass white dwarfs and peculiar type Ia supernovae

Quantitative Imaging in Thick Tissues Using Diffuse Optics

Controlling Magnetism by Electric Fields

**Special Seminar** Ab initio Free Energy Calculations with Chemical Accuracy for Molecule-Surface Interactions

Dynamics of self-organization of atoms in cavities

Searching for high-mass, Higgs-like bosons adn partners at CMS

Stealth Composite Dark Matter

Spin Fluctuations and Entanglement

Can Thermalization Break Down in Many-Body Quantum systems?

Control and Measurement of Atomic Spins: A Testbed for Quantum Information Processing

From Exoplanets To Exoworlds

**Special Colloquium** Magnetic Resonance with Single Nuclear-Spin Sensitivity

**Special Colloquium** Revealing hidden symmetry breaking in strongly correlated matter

A Scientist's View from Inside Congress

From Quantum Communications to Small Quantum Computers

The quest for universality in dynamical quantum systems

Strongly coupled cold atom systems and broccoli

De novo Assembly of a Carbon-fixing Bacterial Organelle

**Special Colloquium** Spatiotemporal control of the active forces that shape living tissues

**Special Colloquium** Age of Oxides: New Physics and Foundations of Modern Technology

First Results on Mars and the Siding Spring Meteor Shower from MAVEN’s Imaging UV Spectrograph

**Special Colloquium** Atomic giants in a new light: Quantum many-body physics with Rydberg atoms and photons

Interacting UV fixed points - from 4D quantum gauge theories to 4D quantum gravitation

From Small Dark Shadows to Pale Blue Dots: The Next Steps in Exoplanet Discovery and Characterization

The Observability of Recoiling Black Holes as Offset Quas

Intermittency of Energy Dissipation in Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence

**Special Colloquium** Emergent properties hidden in plain view: Strong electronic correlations at oxide interfaces

**Special Colloquium** Dirac fermions and broken symmetries in topological crystalline insulators

Quantum Dynamics and Control of Chemical Reactions: From Cold Molecules to Quantum Biology

Using Femtosecond Pump-Probe Microscopy to Visualize Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanowires

Tracing Attosecond Electron Dynamics with Ultrashort Laser Pulses

Strange bonds and odd angles: Exploring the fascinating world of high-energy isomers using rotational spectroscopy

Perovskite Solar Cells: Current Status and Future R&D Opportunities

Transitional Disks: Signatures of Gap Opening by Young Planets?

Revealing the Dynamic X-ray Sources and Evidence for Jet Launching from Supermassive Black Holes

Feed for Speed: Examining the role of accretion and its relationship to jet kinematics

Structure of the HIV-1 RNA Packaging Signal and Mechanism of Genome Selection During Virus Assembly

The Meyerhoff Model: Successful Approaches for Promoting High Achievement and Diversity in STEM

Progress towards rapidly rotating ultracold atomic gases

Interacting electronic topological insulators in three dimensions: classification and character

**Special Colloquium** Quantum Tapestries

Spin and pseudospins in 2-dimensional semiconductors and heterostructures

Non-equilibrium dynamics of one-dimensional Bose gases

*Special Colloquium* Broken-symmetry states in topological insulators

Persistence of a Non-Equilibrium state: Observation of a Boltzmannian Special Case

Towards diamond-assisted MRI: Room-temperature nuclear polarization enhancement in bulk diamond

Water Dynamics in Nanoconfined Systems

The Bulk Photovoltaic Effect in Polar Oxides for Robust and Efficient Solar Energy Harvesting

The perovskite fever: absorbing and emitting light

Atomic Layer Etching Using Sequential, Self-Limiting Thermal Surface Reactions

Understanding spectral signatures of large amplitude vibrations and hydrogen-bonding through studies of the vibrational spectroscopy of solvated ion complexes

Model Hamiltonians for Excitonic Processes from First Principle

Understanding Charge Carrier Generation and Transport through Surface Chemistry Modifications of Quantum Dot Films

A Dark Year for Tidal Disruption Events

Radiation MHD Simulations of Magneto-rotatio​nal Instability in Accretion Disks

Evaporation and Evolution of Close-in Exoplanets

Where Do Galaxies End and Where does the IGM Begin?

Muon g-2 and the quest for TeV scale physics

**Special Colloquium** Beyond Independence: Emergent Neural Function and the Natural World

De-projecting astronomical surveys

Demographics of Astrophysical, Planetary and Space Sciences: 25 Year Perspective

From Small Dark Shadows to Pale Blue Dots: The Next Steps in Exoplanet Discovery and Characterization

Particle acceleration in pulsars: New insights from kinetic simulations

Topological spin textures in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates

Strong atom-light interactions near 1D photonic crystal

Superconducting nanostructures in realization of the quantum Internet

Design principles for non-equilibrium error correction

SPECIAL Colloquium: Topological soft matter - from linkages to kinks

Demonstration of Deterministic Photon-Atom and Photon-Photon Interactions Based on Passive Single-Photon Raman Passage

Stellar Forensics with Explosions: Supernovae, Gamma-Ray Bursts, and their Environments

The Interstellar Medium in M31 - Small-Scale Processes in an Extragalactic Context

Using the Broad Emission Lines of Quasars To Study the Dynamics of Gas in the Accretion Flow

The Complex Interplay between star formation and galaxy evolution at low and high-redshift

Reception for Warwick Bowen

Superfluid optomechanics

Modular Quantum Information Processing

Microcavity frequency combs

A half-century of particle physics: from CP violation to the Higgs boson

Magnetic fields from the ocean floor to outer space

Of Soot and Sunflowers

Evolution of Holographic Fermi Arcs from a Mott Insulator

Spin orbit torques in magnetic/nonmagnetic bilayers

For big solutions think small: from nanocrystals to nucleic acids

Nanoscale magnetic field sensing with solid state spin qubits

Plasma-Based Particle Accelerators: There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom

Few-Body Physics of Strongly Interacting Photons in a Rydberg Medium

Structures and Charge Distributions of Cluster Anions Studied by Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopy

New frontiers of exoplanet characterization

Revisiting the Bardeen-Petterson Effect

Extrasolar Storms: Mapping Cloud Cover and Atmospheric Dynamics in Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanets

*Special Seminar* Oxide Electronics

Rates of Stellar Tidal Disruption as Probes of the Supermassive Black Hole Mass Function

The impact of environment on the evolution of protoplanetary discs: external photoevaporation and tidal encounters

*Special Colloquium* Non-Dissipative Viscosity, Quantum Hall Effect and Topological Invariants

The Chelyabinsk Airburst

Science Highlights from the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR): Bringing the High Energy Universe into Focus

The Laniakea Supercluster of Galaxies

The Ecology of the Galactic Center

Photoelectron and photoion spectroscopy of atoms, molecules, nanoparticles, and nanoplasmas irradiated with strong femtosecond laser fields

Photoelectron Processes in Liquid Water: Scattering, Ionization and New Methods for Probing Elementary Reactivity

Transformer Proteins: Friends and Foes

Semiconductor physics of novel nitrides

Physics Textbooks Don't Always Tell the Truth

The early evolution of the Moon: Looking beneath the surface with GRAIL gravity data

Time-reversal-symmetry-breaking in unconventional superconductors

Coherent Diffraction Imaging and Atomic Resolution Electron Tomograph

Optical Multi-Dimensional Coherent Spectroscopy

Quantum matter without quasiparticles

Autonomous motility in soft active matter

Condon Lecture - Why Spectroscopy of Low-Dimensional Materials Fascinates Me

New Frontiers in Stellar Astrophysics: Massive Stars as Cosmological Tools

Signatures of Fractional Exclusion Statistics in the Spectroscopy of Quantum Hall Droplets

Correlated Quantum Transport through Model Junctions

Using ionized flows in Orion to study the evolution of interstellar dust

Wind power variability: correlation lengths & time scales

The magnetic field tuned superconductor (metal) to insulator transition

Membrane mediated assembly of chiral colloidal rafts

Who is the Lord of the Rings in the Zeeman-spin-orbit Saga: Majorana, Dirac or Lifshitz?

Observing and Evading Quantum Backaction in an Interferometer

Integrating optical nanofibers with a hybrid quantum system

Continuous GPS Carrier-Phase Time Transfer

Quantum Glass Phase of Boson Systems

Biophysical characterization of intrinsically disordered proteins

Space Weather Beyond Our Solar System

Probing local quantities in a strongly interacting Fermi gas

Lu+: Not another clock candidate

Topological Effects in Nanomagnetism: From Perpendicular Recording to Monopoles

Imaging nanoscale variations in electronic structure of low-dimensional materials using near-field microwave microscopy

A few-body perspective of ultracold quantum matter

Resolving Discrepancies in Black Hole Spin Measurements and Black Holes in the Pre-Reionization Era: Signatures in the Sky-Averaged 21-cm Signal

Surprises and Excitements in Unitary Bose gases: the running of couplings and anomalies

Black hole transients during outburst decays, compact jets and X-ray timing

From Pebbles to Planets

Non-equilibrium dynamics and locality in AMO systems

Bright coherent ultrafast tabletop light sources development and the application on EUV to soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Quantum Fuzziness and Quantum Certainty

Light Unchained: Virtual Photons Made Real

The Science of Musical Sound

Neutrinos: Ghosts of the Subatomic Universe

How to Hold Many Universes in Your Hand (Sorta)

Introduction to Quantum Computation and Quantum Information

The Peculiar Pulsar Population in the Galactic Center and other projects

Protoplanetary Disk Masses and Planet Formation

White Dwarf Companions of Blue Stragglers as Evidence of Recent Mass Transfer

Characterization of Extrasolar Planets Through Transmission Spectroscopy

Student Understanding at the Upper Division: Thermal Physics and the Related Mathematics

Observational Signatures of MRI-driven Turbulence in Protoplanetary Disks: Connecting Numerical Simulations with ALMA

Feedback and the Evolution of Galaxies and Black Holes

Signposts of planetary systems around metal-rich white dwarfs

Dipole interactions and magnon interferometry in a 87Rb spinor condensate

Photonic crystal cavities for nonlinear optics

Nonlinear Electronic and Structural Responses to Intense THz Exci

Impact of inhomogeneous TeV blazar heating on the intergalactic medium

Phase-sensitive detection of a giant AC inverse spin Hall effect in Pt at microwave frequencies via spin pumping

Seeing Through Walls: Controlling Light Transport by Wavefront Shaping Using a Digital Micromirror Device

Water Dynamics in the Grooves of DNA

Seeing Nanoscale Structure in Messy Molecular Materials Using Ultrafast Exciton Dynamics and Scintillating Near-Fields

The dirtiest parts of physical chemistry: What happens to molecules *after* stimulated absorption?

Green Sulfur Bacteria: Nature's Proton Junkie

Single-Molecule Imaging and Plasmon-Enhanced Fluorescence: Understanding Bacterial Function on the Nanoscale

Quantum-Classical Path Integral: A Rigorous Methodology

Oxidation of Carbon at High Temperatures

Gas-phase spectroscopy of donor-acceptor chromophore ions

Surface Reactions in Energy Technologies: Thermodynamics and Kinetics for Improving Catalytic Nanomaterials and Photovoltaic Devices

Glycans on Glycoproteins: Insight into Function from NMR and MD

Glycoengineering of Antibodies for Improved Therapeutic Efficacy

Combining Mass Spectrometry (MS)-based Proteomics and Computational Modeling to Characterize Early Cell Signaling Events

Dynamics of Three-dimensional Cell-Matrix Interactions in Development and Cancer

Supersonic propagation in long-range lattice models

Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of complex lattice Hamiltonians

Understanding atomic interactions in an optical lattice clock and using them to study many-body physics

Molecular Electronics for Audio Distortion Circuits

Materials Characterization and X-ray Free Electron Laser Science at the Centre for Advanced Molecular Imaging

The Chemistry of Solar Fuels: Learning to Harness the Sun

The Chemistry of Energy

From Big to Very Small: Microscopy & the Powers of 10

Waves and Radios: The Physics of the Information Age

Boom! The Physics of Sound and Music

The Chemistry of the Atmosphere

Illusion and Reality: The Science of Perception

Quasar jets: why are they so diverse?

Variations on the coffee ring effect

Domain Walls and Edge Structures in Quantum System - Views from Scanning Microwave Impedance Microscope

The complex phase behavior of HTS cuprates – insights from thermodynamics

Swellable Colloidal Particles are Swel

The long and short of optical time keeping

Restoration of Early Sound Recordings using Optical Metrology and Image Analysis

Curing Picophobia: LISA Pathfinder and Gravitational Wave Detection in Space

Unlocking Neutrino Properties with Long-Baseline Beams

How to measure nothing, really precisely: measuring the asymmetry of the electron using trapped molecular ions

Mapping and Time-Stamping the Universe with the Pan-STARRS Sky Survey

Seeing With the Nano-Eye: Accessing Structure, Function, and Dynamics of Matter on its Natural Length and Time Scales

Chasing Away the Noise in Short-Pulse Lasers

The Origin of the Mass of the Visible Universe

High Temperature Superconductivity – Insights from Einstein’s Electrons

The Birth, Care, and Feeding of Cat States in Circuit QED: Quantum Jumps of Photon Parity

Looking inside quantum materials with the Spallation Neutron Source

Live, atomic-scale observations of surfaces in action: graphene, catalysis and EUV-optics

Generating cold ensembles of polyatomic molecules

Frontiers in Single Molecule Manipulation and Imaging

Lyman Continuum Leakage in the Local Universe

Charge order and pseudogap phase in the cuprates

Lattice instability and superconductivity in LaO1-xFxBi S2

Heavy fermion behavior without magnetism in ThCr2Si2-type KNi2Se2

Liquid-crystalline nanoparticles: a new approach to energy efficient and tunable nanomaterials

Division of Labor and Coordination Among the Subunits of a Nearly Perfect Biological Machine

Theory and Simulation of Biomolecular Systems: The Multiscale Challenge

Cell Cycle Regulation of DNA Repair

The Role of Ribosomal RNA Dynamics in Ribosomal Translocation

Superconductors: Old and New

Surprising New Insights into Quasars from WISE and the Future of Wide-Field Infrared Surveys from Space

Black Holes and Dark Energy Through the Eyes of Texas

A New Approach to Turbulence: The Origins of ISM Structure, Stellar Clustering and the IMF, and (perhaps?) Planet Formation

The Role of Dwarf-Dwarf Galaxy Interactions in Hierarchical Assembly

Transients in the Local Universe

Extending Coherent Diffraction Imaging Methods to Strain and Structure Determination for Biological Crystals

Developments in Bragg Coherent Diffractive Imaging at the Advanced Photon Source

Magnetism and Superconductivity in the Fe Pnictide and Chalcogenide Superconductors

Towards Emergent Electrodynamics in a Geometrically Frustrated Magnet

The Split Personality of Human O-GlcNAc Transferase

lncRNAs: Function and Mechanism in Controlling Cellular Identity

Enhancer Malfunction in Cancer

NMR Basic Research and Applications in Structrual Biology and Medical Diagnosis

Chromatin Response During DNA Double Strand Break Repair

Intrinsic Protein Disorder and Signaling Complexity

The Enemy Within - Immune and Autoimmune Responses to Cytosolic DNA and RNA

Exploiting Riboswitches to Study and Manipulate Bacterial Signaling

Shaping Eukaryotic Gene Expression with Chromatin and ncRNA

Histone Chaperones in Transcription and DNA Repair: The Usual and Unusual Suspects

Chromatin Factors, their RNA Interactomes, and Epigenetic Regulation

Harnessing Nucleic Acid Molecular Recognition and Self-Assembly for Biosensing and Biomolecular Imaging

Feedback and the Evolution of Galaxies and Black Holes

Orbital order due to Hund's rule frustration in Kondo lattices

Galilean Satellites from Hubble

A solution to turbulent scalar transport

Quantum Zeno Dynamics of a Rydberg atom

Few-body collisions in a quantum gas mixture of 40K and 87Rb atoms

SpArcFiRe: Scalable Automated Detection of Spiral Galaxy Arm Segments

General Transmission and Reflection Mode Microscopy Based on Coherent Diffractive Imaging with High Harmonic Illumination

Building a Better Atomic Clock

Direct observation of Rydberg-Rydberg transitions via CPmmW spectroscopy

The Sun Shot Program for Accelerating Development of Solar Energy

Non-equilibrium dynamics in 1D systems with long-range interactions

Live, atomic-scale observations of surfaces in action: graphene, catalysis and EUV

How to Search for Remaining Islands of Neutral Hydrogen in the z ~ 5-6 IGM

Steady-state, cavity-less, multimode superradiance

Quantum Critical Transport near the Mott Transition

The Anti-Social Lives of Stars near Massive Black Holes

High harmonic driven attosecond and femtosecond molecular dynamics

Research and (personal) Development in a small company

Polluting the Circumgalactic and Intergalactic Mediums with Metals: Large Scale Outflows of the Large Magellanic Cloud

Dynamics in one-dimensional chains of bosons

Semiclassical theory of viscosity in quantum Hall states

Scattering at Ultracold Temperature: from Statistics to Dimensionality

Studying Laser-Induced Spin Currents Using Ultrafast Extreme Ultraviolet Light

Measurement of the Magnetic Interaction between Two Electrons

Exoplanets and stellar clusters

Equilibrium properties and relaxation dynamics of the mobile impurity in one-dimensional quantum liquids

Education and outreach at JILA

Molecular coherence and transformation

Exploring high impact synergistic research directions

Engineering many-body systems using light-matter coupling

Building complex matter from the ground up

Theoretical studies of ultrafast correlated electron dynamics in single and double photoionization

Seeking Gravity and Light: Observational Investigations of Binary Supermassive Black Holes

Radio Observations of the Brown Dwarf- Exoplanet Boundary

The COS Low-Redshift IGM Survey

Classical and Quantum Dynamics of ion crystals at structural instabilities

Optomechanical Entanglement as a Resource for Quantum Control

Advancements in superconducting oxide thin film growth

Holographic reconstruction from electron diffraction patterns: true atom images of thousands of atoms

Investigation of domain structure in FePd alloys and CoPd/Pd/NiFe bilayers using resonant magnetic X-ray scattering

Investigation of domain structure in FePd alloys and CoPd/Pd/NiFe bilayers using resonant magnetic X-ray scattering

Dipole-Dipole Interactions in Ultra-Cold Gases

Towards quantum computing for the classical $O(2)$ model

Strong coupling and phonon dynamics on reconfigurable multi-element optomechanical arrays

A Novel Ultra-cold Quantum Plasma: Could this be a "Supersolid"?

Phase Transitions in Strongly Correlated Material, VO2, Investigated with Ultrafast Electron Diffraction

Chaotic destruction of Anderson localization in nonlinear lattices

Quench Dynamics in a Model with Tuneable Integrability Breaking

Spin orbit coupled atomic gases

Ultrafast Momentum-resolved Gap and Quasiparticle Dynamics in Bi2212

The Information Limits and Content from Solution X-ray Scattering (SAXS) Experiments

Time and Tides: Near Infrared Studies of Enceladus' Variable Plume

Visible aurora on Saturn

Propagation of information in long range interacting quantum systems

Realizing SU(N) magnets in thermal alkaline earth gasses

Squeezing and entanglement without infinite-range interactions

Current sheet formation, heating and interchange reconnection in solar and stellar coronae

Toward true topological insulator materials

MINOS + MINOS+ + CHIPS : Neutrino Oscillations at Work

A first glimpse at the phase diagram of a strongly interacting 2-D Fermi gas

The Thirty-Meter Telescope: Science and Instrumentation for a Next Generation Observatory

Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Eruptions and Space: The Heart of the Matter

How can we constrain stellar magnetic activity with seismology?

The Dynamic Solar Corona: a Cradle of Space-weather Driving Eruptions

Intel PhD Technical Talk

Helium Rain and The State of Water Ice in Giant Planets Predicted with Ab Initio Simulations

When Soft Interfaces Go Still: Fluctuating Roughness as a Driving Force in Nanoscale Assembly

Energy Transfer in Nanocrystal Systems - The Power of Distance

Solar Wind – Magnetosphere – Planetary Core Coupling at Mercury

Turbulent Origins of Solar and Stellar Winds

New Insights into the Solar Coronal Heating Problem

The Halo Masses of Obscured and Unobscured Quasars: Clustering and Lensing

Science with the WFIRST-AFTA Coronagraph

Opportunities and Challenges in Two Dimensional Magnetic Recording

Nanoscale spin reversal in GdFeCo by non-local angular momentum transfer

Pattern-transfer Nanomanufacturing using Magnetic Recording for Programmed Nanoparticle Assembly

Opportunities and Challenges in Two Dimensional Magnetic Recording

Fun and Games with HeI* Absorption Lines in Quasars

Quantum magnetism with polar molecules

Structural Insights Into G Protein Coupled Receptor Signaling

Controlling Protein Function Via Hidden Allosteric Sites

High-throughput Mapping of Protein Energy Landscapes Using Novel Microfluidic Tools

Systematic Analysis of Speed, Direction, and Signaling in Chemotaxis

Remodeling the Chromatin Landscape in Cancer Promotes Genome Instability

Follow the chirp: seeing and listening to the transient Universe