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Classical loop models and quantum phase transitions

Event Details

Event Dates: 

Friday, December 4, 2015 - 9:30am

Seminar Location: 

  • Duane Physics Room G126

Speaker Name(s): 

John Chalker

Speaker Affiliation(s): 

Oxford University
Seminar Type/Subject

Scientific Seminar Type: 

  • CTQM Seminar

Event Details & Abstract: 

I will give an overview of recent work on the statistical physics of lattice models of close-packed loops. The models have two phases -- one in which all loops are finite, and another in which some loops are extended -- and the interest is in universal features of these phases and the transitions between them. The models describe a number of problems in classical statistical physics -- where, for example, the loops may be vortex lines in a three-dimensional random field -- and also many-body quantum systems -- where the loops are world-lines of particles.

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