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Feshbach resonances in an ultracold mixture of Li-6 (Fermion) and

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Monday, November 12, 2012 - 4:00am

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Shihkuang Tung
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I will report the experimental study of two-body interactions in a $^{6}$Li-$^{133}$Cs Fermi-Bose mixture. Using a translatable dipole trap setup, we have successfully trapped the two species in a dipole trap with temperatures of a few micro Kelvins. By monitoring atom number loss and interspecies thermalization, we identify five s-wave interspecies Feshbach resonances in the lowest two scattering channels.Those resonances provide us essential information to control the interactions between the two atomic species, which opens up many exciting research fronts, especially to explore the universality of three-body Efimov states.

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