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JILA Directory

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Name Position Group Phone Email
William B Cairncross Graduate Student Cornell 303-492-8016 william.cairncross@colorado.edu
Daniel R Carlson Graduate Student Kapteyn/Murnane 303-492-5922 daca6265@colorado.edu
Mark A Carter Technical Support KECK 303-492-2389 mark.carter@colorado.edu
Roger R Carter Student Worker KECK 303-492-2389 roger.r.carter@colorado.edu
Katherine J Catani Research Associate Lewandowski 303-492-0207 katherine.catani@unimelb.edu.au
Sarah E Cates Student Worker Perkins saca1308@colorado.edu
Peter B Changala Graduate Student Ye 303-492-4058 bryan.changala@colorado.edu
Roman Chapurin Graduate Student Cornell 303-492-6307 roman.chapurin@colorado.edu
Liangyu Chen Client Schibli
Jackson R Chessman Student Worker Reception 303-492-5235 jackson.chessman@colorado.edu
Liang-Ying Chih Graduate Student Holland 303-492-7293 liangying.chih@colorado.edu
Julia R Cline Graduate Student Thompson 303-492-8515 julia.cline@colorado.edu
Kristin Diane Conrad Technical Support Scientific Communications 303-492-7861 kristin.conrad@jila.colorado.edu
Peter S Conti Fellow Adjoint Chair 303-492-8497 pconti@jila.colorado.edu
John Cooper Fellow Adjoint Chair 303-492-7813 jinx@jila.colorado.edu
Eric A Cornell Fellow JILA Cornell 303-492-6281 cornell@jila.colorado.edu
David E Couch Graduate Student Kapteyn/Murnane 303-492-3906 david.couch@colorado.edu
Leslie G Czaia Technical Support Instrument Shop 303-492-4016 czaia@jilau1.colorado.edu

JILA follows the six University nodes' policies for ensuring harassment-free environments. For more detailed information regarding the University of Colorado policies, please read the Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedures.