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JILA Directory

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Name Position Group Phone Email
Julia J Bachinski Administrative Staff Administration 303-492-7786 jbach@jila.colorado.edu
Diego Barberena Graduate Student Rey 303-492-4970 diba2060@colorado.edu
Candice E Bartholomew-Brown Administrative Staff Nesbitt 303-492-5011 djnadmin@jila.colorado.edu
John P Bartolotta Graduate Student Holland 303-492-7293 john.bartolotta@colorado.edu
Krista K Beck Administrative Staff Cornell/Lineberger 303-492-7746 kristab@jila.colorado.edu
Andreas Becker Fellow JILA Becker 303-492-7825 andreasb@jilau1.colorado.edu
Mitchell C Begelman Fellow JILA Begelman 303-492-7856 mitch@jila.colorado.edu
James Beimborn Graduate Student Weber 303-492-5418 curtis.beimborn@colorado.edu
Peter L Bender Fellow Adjoint Bender/Chair 303-492-6793 pbender@jila.colorado.edu
Michael B Bennett Research Associate Cornell 303-492-0869 mibe5762@jila.colorado.edu
Charles S Bevis Graduate Student Kapteyn/Murnane 303-492-7141 charles.bevis@colorado.edu
Bashistha Bhattacharjee Administrative Staff Administration 303-735-6893 romy@colorado.edu
Connor P Bice Graduate Student Toomre 303-492-7853 connor.bice@colorado.edu
Adam Z Blonsky Graduate Student Kapteyn/Murnane 303-492-6668 adam.blonsky@colorado.edu
John L Bohn Fellow JILA Bohn 303-492-5426 bohn@murphy.colorado.edu
Toby E Bollig Student Worker Perkins 303-492-5957 toby.bollig@colorado.edu
Jason A Bossert Graduate Student Lewandowski 303-492-0931 jason.bossert@colorado.edu
Tobias B Bothwell Graduate Student Ye 303-492-1820 tobias.bothwell@colorado.edu
Kevin T. Boyce Student Worker Cornell 303-492-8442 kebo7524@colorado.edu
Axel Brandenburg Member Toomre 303-492-9309 brandenb@nordita.org
Nathan Ji-Ming Brooks Graduate Student Kapteyn/Murnane 303-492-7766 nbrooks3@gmail.com
Mark O Brown Graduate Student Regal 303-492-0380 mark.o.brown@colorado.edu
Terry J Brown Technical Support Electronics Shop 303-492-0967 tbrown@jila.colorado.edu
Benjamin M Brubaker Research Associate Lehnert 303-492-4366 benjamin.brubaker@colorado.edu
Thinh Q Bui Research Associate Ye 303-492-0667 thbu8553@jila.colorado.edu
Peter Schaunama Burns Graduate Student Lehnert peter.s.burns@colorado.edu
Steven J Burrows Technical Support Scientific Communications 303-735-5233 steven.burrows@jila.colorado.edu

JILA follows the six University nodes' policies for ensuring harassment-free environments. For more detailed information regarding the University of Colorado policies, please read the Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedures.